If the developer is not ready to fix the bug what do you do?Question asked to me in an interview

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Shiva Kiran Nori

  • Jun 30th, 2006

Sit with the developer, will try to make him understand the bug, the effects caused by that, show him the requirements documents.

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  • Jul 3rd, 2006

In any devolopment company real-time, no devolopers or tester will say iam not ready to do this, iam not able to do this type of statements.

Based on the priority of the fix and impact of it, the CCB will decide and give the devoloper enough time to fix it.

or else they can postpone the bug, for further release of the s/w.

dont mistake me, no devoloper will say i can not fix this now. he can atmost say "i can fix it give me some time".

thanks for your understanding.

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  • Jul 3rd, 2006

thanks for answering , i said the same thing but the person interviewed me was not satisfied with the answer?Is it anything related to open issue?

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  • Jul 4th, 2006

Shiva Kiran is correct.Accoding to me Sit with the developer, will try to make him understand the bug, the effects caused by that, show him the requirements documents and try ur level best to convince and impact of defect to the application and even then he doesnt feel it as bug then u can inform it to ur TL and together u can have a small meeting on that and finally based on ur tl decission will b taken.

Bcoz any developer can deny to fix a bug in 2 /3 cases like 1.if that bug assigned is a bug which he agrees but again denys bcoz by fixing it ,it might afeect other modules in that application (He may keep bug status as "wont Fix"). 

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  • Jul 12th, 2006

We can't do anything . Assign Bugs  is the duty of Team Leader . Tester  will not assign bugs to the Developer  .

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  • Jul 13th, 2006

The tester should wait up to the developer's response otherwise the QA persons may contact the Client's directly if the application mightnot be reach the  functionalities..  

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Manish Thakur

  • Jul 20th, 2006

Developer can deny for fixing the bug only in cases if the chances of occuring the bug is very less ( let's say 0.001%) but the cost involve to fix the same is high. In such cases developer can deny to fix it same may be resolve later on in future release or version.

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krishna prasad

  • Jul 28th, 2006

1) First of all the developer will be concerntrating on the bugs depending on priority. He first fix the bugs of Critical or show stopper,then High priority, Medium and last the low priority bug. If the developer is not ready to fix the bug means may the bug is of low priority and he is concentrating on other priority bugs.2) If the bug is not of low priority and even then he is not ready to fix means he didnt understand the bug clearly in that case the tester will sit with the developer and explains him the bug in detail with the help of step by step process how the bug occured.3) If the developer doesnt have the time to fix as the project release is ahead and if that bug doesnt affect the main functionality in that case this bug as an known issue will be released. The testing team should take care of this known issue is fixed in next release of the project.4) Even the developer had a time still he is not fixing the bug means it will be bad remark on him ( because even we have the options open date and closed date in the bug report ).

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Amit M

  • Aug 9th, 2006

After all the activities of refering to function req docs with developer, (or even if not in the functional req, but u believe that it is definitely a bug which should not go with product ) , concerning with the TL,Pl,etc. Tester/QA should declare the that he is not responsible if the defect goes with the product and sighted by the client. This decalration can be a comment in the bugtraq or cc mails to developer,manager,etc

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Irfan Parwez

  • Oct 30th, 2006

Well...the best approach would be to try to find out the simple steps to reproduce the issue in an innocent (general working) environment so that user's can't accept it. It may take time for you to figure out the steps. Once you find the steps then management (Product Manager) will be (kind of) forced to think about the bug and get it fixed from the dev team.

Ref: Testing Computer Software (Author: Cem Kaner)

Best regards,

Irfan (MS)

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