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When, where and why we are using overloading and overriding???

Asked by: spidervijay | Member Since Mar-2006 | Asked on: Jun 14th, 2006

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prosenjit roy chowdhury

Answered On : Jun 15th, 2006

We use

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Answered On : Jul 8th, 2006

OverloadIf One class can have more than one methods with the same name, it is called as Overloding.OverriddingIn inheritance, we can use the method which has the same name in Base and derived class , is called overriding.

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fine questions

Answered On : Jul 11th, 2006

Overloading is resolved at compile time and overriding is resolved at run time.

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Answered On : Jul 31st, 2006

overloading  :- Same method name,Different signature and return type doesn't matter.Overloading is generally used in same class.methods which perform the same task but in different wasy are given the same namFor eg Draw(float radius) method can be used to draw a circle,Draw(float side) can be used to draw square or  Draw(float base,float height)can be used to draw triangle.Name of the methods is same as they all draw a figure.Overriding :- Same method name,same signature and same return type also.It is used in inheritance.When a subclass method wants to hide a superclass method it can use overriding.That means it can implement a method in the way it wants.In such case the superclass method is call the superclass method ,'super' keyword has to used with the method name.

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