How can i differ Performance, Load and Stress testing ?also what is data base testing and how it can be done?what is real time testing?

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Performance Testing :Testing Conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified performance requirements.

Load Testing :Testing an application under heavy loads to determine at what point the system response time will degrade or fail

Stress Testing :Testing conducted to evaluate a system or component at or beyond the limits of its specified requirements to determine the load under which it fails and how often this is using a very high level of simulated load.

Database Testing :Testing conducted with an intent of finding errors in the database,which is associated with application or a product.Either a database can be tested individually or data integrity between the application and the database is verified.Input data that is entered from the application should reach the database and the data should be entered into the specified tables consisting of rows and columns.This data is verified by database testing.Either it can be done manually or by automation.Manual database testing is bit difficult.By using automation tools like winrunner,qtp etc.database checkpoints (default,custom,runtime) are used for database testing.

Realtime Testing :Real-time software must be tested for both functional correctness and timeliness.In addition to white and blackbox testing,event handling,timing and parallelism must be considered.Comprehensive test case design methods have yet to evolve.Real-time systems must consist atleast one real-time task.These systems are highly coupled with diverse applications like cellphone,photocopier,modem etc.These type of systems are complex,but compact.

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  • Sep 11th, 2006

performance testing:Testing conducted to evalaute the compliance of a system or component with specified performance requirements.

Load testing:Load testing is subjecting a system to a statistically representative (Usually) load.

stress testing:Testing conducted to evaluate a system or component at or beyond the limits of its specified requirements.

database testing:Database tests are supported via ODBC using the following functions:
SQLOpen, SQLClose, SQLError, SQLRetrieve, SQLRetrieveToFile, SQLExecQuery, SQLGetSchema and SQLRequest.
You can carry out cursor type operations by incrementing arrays of returned datasets.
All SQL queries are supplied as a string. You can execute stored procedures for instance on SQL Server you could use ?Exec MyStoredProcedure? and as long as that stored procedure is registered on the SQL Server database then it should execute however you cannot interact as much as you may like by supplying say in/out variables, etc but for most instances it will cover your database test requirements

A sample database test could look like this:

Sub main
'   Declarations
    Dim connection As Long
    Dim destination(1 To 50, 1 To 125)  As Variant
    Dim retcode As long
    Dim query as String
    Dim outputStr as String
    connection = SQLOpen("DSN=SblTest",outputStr,prompt:=3)
'  Execute the query
    query = "select * from customer"  
    retcode = SQLExecQuery(connection,query)
'  retrieve the first 50 rows with the first 6 columns of each row into
'  the array destination, omit row numbers and put column names in the
'  first row of the array    
    retcode = SQLRetrieve(connection:=connection,destination:=destination, columnNames:=1,rowNumbers:=0,maxRows:=50, maxColumns:=6,fetchFirst:=0)

'   Get the next 50 rows of from the result set
    retcode = SQLRetrieve(connection:=connection,destination:=destination,columnNames:=1,rowNumbers:=0,maxRows:=50, maxColumns:=6)
'   Close the connection
    retcode = SQLClose(connection)
End Sub

 Real time testing: It is testing  were the testing engineers  conducted on application on client server or web server application.

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