What is meant by fault/bug density ,how do u calculate this.

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sushil kumar

  • May 22nd, 2006

Bug density is calculated by dividing number of known bugs to the size of software component.

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shalini chandel

  • May 25th, 2006

Bug Density means the effect of the bug on the application.

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Size is typically counted either in Lines of Code or Function Points. Defect Density is used to compare the relative number of defects in various software components. This helps identify candidates for additional inspection or testing or for possible re-engineering or replacement in specific components. Another use for Defect Density is to compare subsequent releases of a product to track the impact of defect reduction and quality improvement activities.

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  • Jun 9th, 2006

im not sure maybe it is the percentage of bugs that you find in a particular module or functionality to the bugs found in the whole application

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