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what is junk dimension?
what is the difference between junk dimension and degenerated dimension?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: May 3rd, 2006
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Answered On : May 8th, 2006

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A junk dimension is a collection of random transcational codes, flags and text attributes that are unrelated to any particular dimension.The junk dimension is simply a structure that provides the convienent place to store the junk dimension.

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Answered On : May 10th, 2006

A "junk" dimension is a collection of random transactional codes, flags and/or text attributes that are unrelated to any particular dimension. The junk dimension is simply a structure that provides a convenient place to store the junk attributes.where asA degenerate dimension is data that is dimensional in nature but stored in a fact table.

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Answered On : May 30th, 2006

junk dimensionthe column which we are using rarely or not used, these columns are formed a dimension is called junk dimensiondegenerative dimensionthe column which we use in dimension are degenerative dimensionexemp table has empno.ename,sal,job,deptnobutwe are talking only the column empno,ename from the emp table and forming a dimension this is called degenerative  dimension

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Answered On : Jul 13th, 2006

Junk dimension: Grouping of Random flags and text Attributes in a dimension and moving them to a separate sub dimension.
Degenerate Dimension: Keeping the control information on Fact table ex: Consider a Dimension table with fields like order number and order line number and have 1:1 relationship with Fact table, In this case this dimension is removed and the order information will be directly stored in a Fact table inorder eliminate unneccessary joins while retrieving order information..

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Answered On : Sep 1st, 2006

hi ganesh      i think junck dim is a  dimension combining all the small dim in to a big dim      the main diff between junck and degenerate are junck dim have source but where as degenerated dim are not having any source

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Answered On : Sep 5th, 2006

A junk dimension is a convenient grouping of flags and indicators. It's helpful, but not absolutelyrequired, if there's a positive correlation among the values. Their benefits: Provide a recognizable, user-intuitive location for related codes, indicators and theirdescriptors in a dimensional framework Clean up a cluttered design that already has too many dimensions. There might be fiveor more indicators that could be collapsed into a single 4-byte integer surrogate key inthe fact table Provide a smaller, quicker point of entry for queries compared to performance fromconstraining directly on these attributes in the fact table. If your database supports bit-mapped indices, this potential benefit may be irrelevant, although the others are stillvalid.

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Answered On : Apr 6th, 2007

Junk Dimension also called as garbage dimension. A garbage dimension is a dimension that consists of low-cardinality columns such as codes, indicators, status,and flags. The garbage dimension is also referred to as a junk dimension. Attributes in a garbage dimension are notrelated to any hierarchy.

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