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What is thin driver and thick driver. Why it is called so?

Asked by: mythilikumar | Member Since Mar-2006 | Asked on: Apr 4th, 2006

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S.V.D Kumar

Answered On : Apr 5th, 2006

I dont know about thick driver, but thin driver is a name given to one of the driver implemetaion, for java to be connected to Oracle. This is a type-4 driver where Java language call will be converted to network calls and will be sent to the Oracle DataBase Server.

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Answered On : Apr 8th, 2006

hi,   thin driver is 4 type driver in java which r provide the connectivity between oracle and java.the main advantage is this driver is we connect the databse to java without create DSN.and it provide the all the host computer connectivity in the its r most important driver which we use in the java.prabahkar mishra

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Answered On : Apr 8th, 2006

The JDBC Thin driver is typically easier to update/distribute, as installation consists of copying a .jar file or two. The only case where OCI has an advantage is in the use of Oracle's naming layer for database service abstraction. Of course this assumes the database server is listening for TCP/IP and not the legacy protocols that are only supported by OCI. Failover configurations using TAF are supported by OCI only. The newer 'Fast Connection Failover' feature of 10g RAC can also run over Thin though.

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Answered On : Apr 15th, 2006

Basic difference between thin and thick client Oracle has a thin client driver, which mean you can connect to a oracle database without the Oracle client installed on your machine. Thick client would need the Oracle Client, database drivers,etc.. Drivers include JDBC-ODBC bridge drivers,JDBC drivers depending on tns resolution.Dominic

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Raghvendra Dwivedi

Answered On : May 9th, 2006


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siva kumar reddy

Answered On : Aug 7th, 2006

hi guys and gals,i dont know correct reason ,i have to tell something about ittype1 and type2 drivers are thick drivers.bcoz these drivers are used some native methods(otherthan java language).type3 and type4 drivers are thin drivers.bcoz these drivers are used only java language.any correction occur please send to appropriate answers cheerssweet siva

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asmita das

Answered On : Sep 7th, 2006

Thick driver - type 1 and type 2 JDBC drivers are called thick drivers. The reason for it is - it provides JDBC access via ODBC drivers. ODBC binary code, and in many cases, database client code, must be loaded on each client machine that uses such a driver. and as the program is connected to database by an extra layer, in the clint hence thay are called thick drivers.Thin drivers: This style of driver converts JDBC calls into the network protocol, used directly by DBMSs, allowing a direct call from the client machine to the DBMS server and providing a practical solution for intranet access. hence their conenction to DB is more direct and without any intermediate stage making them thin drivers. type 4 driver.

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prakash reddy

Answered On : Apr 21st, 2008

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Major differences the number layers present between the java application and database

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