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what are tickets in sap sd? what are the most frequent tickets we get after post implementation?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Apr 3rd, 2006
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Answered On : Apr 8th, 2006

Tickets in SD can be considered as the problems which the end user or the employee in the company face while working on R/3. Tickets usually occur during the implementation or after the implementation of the project. There can be numerous problem which can occur in the production support and a person who is working in the support has to resolve those tickets in the limited duration, every ticket has the particular deadline alert so your responsibility is to finish it before that deadline.C yaa

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Answered On : May 9th, 2006

Hi what u sai is 100% right , can u give some examples of them

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raghavendra rao

Answered On : May 13th, 2006

higive me some ex

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raghavendra rao

Answered On : May 13th, 2006


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satheesh r

Answered On : May 30th, 2006

Give few examples of sd tickets and solutions

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Answered On : Jun 20th, 2006

Hi,   To begin with , we should give "TICKET" to you for not knowing it. Herez an ex:End user is not able to 1. Create Sales order for a customer from a New plant , since shipping point determination is not happened . ( Without Shipping point the document becomes INCOMPLETE and he will not be able to proceed further like DELIVERY,BILLING).He raises a ticket and the priority is set in one of the below1.Low 2. Medium 3. High.Now you need to solve this ticket. You would analyze the problem and identify that the SP configuration has to be done for the new plant.You would request a transport for DEV CLIENT to BASIS. You do the change and Request one more Transport to BASIS for QA client. THe End user will test the same by creating a sales order for the new plant and approve it.Finally u request a transport to move the changes to PRODUCTION.Once the change is deployed in production the TICKET is closed.Wht i have given is a small ex. You wud get some real issues with severity HIGH in your day-day support.Hope this helps you.

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Answered On : Jun 23rd, 2006

ticket? 1. kofo error?2.defecit in sales order stock?3. pgi is not possible?4.ship conformation is not possible.?5.picking or packing pgi is not possible.?

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Answered On : Jul 18th, 2006

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 i don't know .

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Answered On : Nov 3rd, 2006

What are the tickets genrally in pharma manufacturing industry

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Answered On : Nov 27th, 2006

Tickets  are the issues that will come when the project went live that in support we  will come across the when the project in support 

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Arun Bharadhwaj

Answered On : Dec 15th, 2006

Hi I just wanted to know about the tickets with few examplas which are commanly asked or raised

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Answered On : Jan 7th, 2007

tickets is the another name for issues while endusers are doingshipping point deternination with new plant is createdand schude lines are not conformed with delivery due datethis is the problem will come i think this will help uthree types of issues will be therecritical it is very urgentmedium some what urgentlow not urgentok thanks this will help u

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mukesh verma

Answered On : Feb 23rd, 2007

could u plz give me some example of tickets and its solution (SD MODULE FOR SUPPORT)

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surjit khuntia

Answered On : Mar 23rd, 2007

Tickets are nothing but errors occurs during implementation as well as used by the end user

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Answered On : Jan 23rd, 2012

Tickets are the errors.

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Answered On : Feb 9th, 2012

There is no stock in your storage location which u r given in order....

go to mb1c and post stock to that storage location....
Than pgi should possible.

If any mistake in my answer correct me

Thanks regards

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Answered On : Apr 14th, 2012

There are issues come in almost all industries same. In pharma, for example for some products VAT will be different. example Scrap Materials (it should be 14.5%) . While creating Sales Order for a scrap item, if in material master, appropriate Tax classifications not maintained, the VAT (14.5%) wont be acceptable automatically.VAT will be appear in Conditions 5 % or something like that. If we change manually we can save sale order; but while raising billing the manually entered VAT (14.5%) wont be acceptable.So it will be loss to the Company as the customer will get the products from the company in a VAT rate of 5%. Solution of this is: Before raise the Sale Order check the Sales Views of material master of the scrap item & confirm what Tax Classification has given there. If its correct, proceed else change it & do the sale order.... ABI

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