What is Test Metrics and how to caluclate the Test Metrics?

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  • Apr 4th, 2006

Metrics are used to measure certain performance indices [ donot mistake performance to testing ]. like your company might have set a standard that bug escape rate must not be more than 10%.so you calculate Bug Escape Rate. This is one of the metric associated with a set of Test Metrics.

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  • Apr 15th, 2006

Hai Amarji,

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Test Metrics is a mechanism to know the effectiveness of the testing that can be measured quantitatively.


Metrics are produced in two forms ? Base Metrics and Derived Metrics.

Example of Base Metrics:
# Test Cases
# New Test Cases
# Test Cases Executed
# Test Cases Unexecuted
# Test Cases Re-executed
# Passes
# Fails
# Test Cases Under Investigation
# Test Cases Blocked
# 1st Run Fails
Test Case Execution Time
# Testers

Example of Derived Metrics:
% Test Cases Complete
% Test Cases Passed
% Test Cases Failed
% Test Cases Blocked
% Test Defects Corrected







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