What is an UTL_FILE.What are different procedures and functions associated with it?

UTL_FILE is a package that adds the ability to read and write to operating system files. Procedures associated with it are FCLOSE, FCLOSE_ALL and 5 procedures to output data to a file PUT, PUT_LINE, NEW_LINE, PUTF, FFLUSH.PUT, FFLUSH.PUT_LINE,FFLUSH.NEW_LINE. Functions associated with it are FOPEN, ISOPEN.

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  • Mar 20th, 2007

utl_file is oracle procedure tht enable file access .You can write ,read to file.Also possible is to del or rename a file.It requires the use of a directory object.

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  • Feb 6th, 2008

With the Oracle-supplied UTL_FILE package, you can read from and write to operating system files. It Provides security for directories on the server through the init.ora file. UTL_FILE Procedures and Functions:

• Function FOPEN

• Function IS_OPEN

• Procedure GET_LINE

• Procedure PUT, PUT_LINE, PUTF

• Procedure NEW_LINE

• Procedure FFLUSH


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