What are various joins used while writing SUBQUERIES?

Self join-Its a join foreign key of a table references the same table. Outer Join--Its a join condition used where One can query all the rows of one of the tables in the join condition even though they don't satisfy the join condition.
Equi-join--Its a join condition that retrieves rows from one or more tables in which one or more columns in one table are equal to one or more columns in the second table.

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  • Jul 27th, 2005

Correlated sub query is one of the best example to be used in the sub queries to join the tables. We may be having equi, non-equi, outer joins, however when we talk about joins in the sub queries,correlated is best suited example.

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Edwin Peterson.A

  • Jan 19th, 2006

Let me explain about outer join

see we r having 2 tables called A, B

A has 2 columns

Name                     No

AA                          01

BB                           02

CC                          03

III ly

B has 2 columns

Name                    No

AA                        01

BB                        02

DD                        04

result  in left outerjoin from A to B

AA    01        01

bb     02        02 

cc     03        null

Full outer join from A to B

AA          01         01

BB          02          02 

CC          03         null 

DD          null          04

equijoin(inner join), cartisian join, self join,non-equi join are related to the operators and depend upon the tables.



simple subquery, nested subquery, corelated subquery

- every sub query has nested select statement(depentent upon the  table)

- u supposed to include in between select statement 'in,any,all'

this is infor about join and subquery,

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  • Apr 7th, 2006

Please let me know various joins available and description for every join



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    There are 5 types of joins. Those  are

   1. Equi Join /  Inner Join
   2. Non-Equi Join
   3. Outer Join ( Left Outer Join, Right Outer Join, Full Outer Join )
   4. Self Join
   5. Cross Join

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