Can anybody explain me about tracebility matrix with an ex? how can we calculate whether testing is completed by using tracebility matrix?

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  • Mar 17th, 2006

hi all,

traceability matrix is a table which shows the mapping  between customer reuirements and testcases.By using this we can understand that the  testcases we are written  are sufficient enough to cover all the requirements. 

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  • Jun 17th, 2006

Tracebility Matrix is a document which maps all the test cases generated by based on Software Requirement Specification document and based on type of project some time it includes Business Rules Requirement document.

Ex: Assume that in Back End of your application their is a screen in which you are going to create item as pizza and price as 10.00, name of tax as Sales Tax and Tax percentage as 10%. Now in this scenario when you enter into Front End of your application, On selection of item pizza, Verifying whether the Tax is correctly appied or not. 

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Tracebility matrix is a document where we will estimate how many test cases we need to create. suppose there are 100 requirements of which, each 10 requirement are with similar functionality. We can map each 10 requirements to single test case, like that we have to map 100 requirements to 10 test cases.
We can find the requirement coverage using tracebility matrix. Using test report we can find wheather testing is completed , if so pass or fail etc.

Tracebility matrix is to cover all the requirements in testing phase...


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