What is the difference between Leader & Manager?

Leaders do the right things.They have followers.Their main focus is to lead people with passion.They direct people in to new roads.
Managers do things right.They have subordinates.Their main focus is to manage work.
They direct people in to existing roads.

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  • Feb 24th, 2006

Leaders follow their own intuition which may inturn be more benefit to company.Their Followers are often more loyal to them.Managers do things by the book and follow company policy.Their Subordinates may or maynot be loyal to them

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  • Mar 16th, 2006


A Manager in business terms ensures tasks are done through others..

A Leader in practical terms motivates others to do the task.


A Manager who can not motivate others to a certain task is not a Leader.


No difference but it is the combination of both which move things forward.


  • Apr 1st, 2006

A manager is not a leader.A manager is a boss. Tje difference is that leaders encourage others to follow them They motivate people. Managers do not. They order people around. They do not motivate.

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  • Apr 25th, 2006

Leader tell's wat to do...

Manager tell how to do......

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rakesh raina

  • May 19th, 2006

A leader is one, where the work gets done in his absence. A manager is one where the work is incomplete even in his presence.

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Ritesh Chopra

  • Oct 11th, 2006

Leader leads the team from the front and is always iodlize as someone whome team members can look upto both in terms of personnel and professional lives and hence becomes and effective,influention manager who knows how to invest in people to get the desired result.

However a Manager is someone who beleives in only managing the work and might not command that much respesct as leader do.He is one who doesn't invest is people and is only work focussed.

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Christophe convery

  • Nov 14th, 2006

I wish to access more information on this subject

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Ritu Khare

  • Dec 15th, 2006

You can't manage people, you can manage only things, schedules and other resources.

But you can lead people in the right direction.

Manager is an officially help position. Leadership is a choice and not a position.

A good Manager is always a good leader.  


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Geoffrey Biedermann

  • Jan 31st, 2007

A manager takes his people through the forest saying - go here, do this, etc. A leader climbes to the top of the tree and says "hey folks, we're in the wrong forest!"

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  • Sep 12th, 2007

All managers cant be leaders, But all Leaders can be Managers
Leaders are a source of inspiration, whereas managers have to manage his subordinates and try to get the things done

haroon shai

  • Sep 19th, 2007

Leader: Leader is that person who leads from the front to his followers. Leader having a great personality among his followers. Leader gives the task to do. In presence of any mistake by the followers leader, he takes it as his mistake and does not blame to others or it.
Manager:While as manager is also gives tasks to his sub ordinates like leader but main thing is in case of any mistake done by the sub ordinaes. Manager seriously react against it and make hostile behaviour.


  • Dec 22nd, 2008

1. A manager administers.
A leader innovates.

2. A manager is a copy.
A leader is an original.

3. A manager maintains.
A leader develops.

4. A manager focuses on systems and structure.
A leader focuses on people.

5. A manager relies on control.
A leader inspires trust.

6. A manager has a short-range view.
A leader has a long-range perspective.

7. A manager asks how and when.
A leader asks what and why.

8. A manager has his eye on the bottom line.
A leader has his eye on the horizon.

9. A manager imitates. A manager accepts the status quo.
A leader originates. A leader challenges the status quo.

10. A manager is the classic good soldier. A manager does things right.
A leader is his or her own person. A leader does the right things.

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om singh

  • Jul 13th, 2011

how can u say that a manager do things by book....then about the innovation.?

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  • Apr 29th, 2012

In today's world a difference cannot exist between a manager and a leader. manager is surely an owner and an owner relies on self and others to achieve the organizational goals. So I feel the concept of a difference between the two is antiquated

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