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Can anyone explain the page UP (PF7) and Page Down(PF8) logic in cics application program?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Feb 24th, 2006
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Answered On : Feb 27th, 2006

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Hi,      Use TSQ for scrolling data in CICS...Increase the item number for forward scrolling and Decrease the item number for reverse the same...Make ensure item no..not to exceed the limit...

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Sukant Kumar Padhi

Answered On : Mar 7th, 2006

To achieve the above goal you have to follow the steps as specified by soumya. i.e you have to use a TSQ to store the data. Along with that you can use three variables to keep track of 1: Total no. of records prsent in the TSQ (Tot-Rec ).  2: Total no. records displayed in the current screen (Rec-Disp).3: Last record displayed (Last-Rec-Disp).Example : If you are having 35 records in the TSQ and in a screen you are displaying 12 records.If you are in the 2nd screen, Tot-Rec = 35, Rec-Disp = 12 & Last-Rec-Disp = 24. If you are in last screen, Tot-Rec = 35, Rec-Disp = 11 & Last-Rec-Disp = 35.For both F7 and F8 1st set the starting point from where you have to start displaying the records and start displaying 12 records in a loop. If no records are available in the TSQ to display, then display spaces.

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Answered On : Aug 8th, 2007

Let us take an example:Total no.of Items = 50 (MAX-ITEM)Total no.of items per page = 8 (PG-ITEM)So, initially display should start with item number one. Whenever you come to the scroll screen display the first 8 items and display page down key alone.User should have an page down option alone. Also declare another variable which will holds the current displaying item number(CURR-ITEM).Now the logic for page down is,IF (CURR-ITEM <= MAX-ITEM AND CNT <= PG-ITEM) THEN CURR-ITEM=CURR-ITEM + 1END-IFWhen its second time displaying the details, Display page down and page up options.Now the logic for Page up is,IF (CURR-ITEM 1 AND CNT <= PG-ITEM) THENCURR-ITEM=CURR-ITEM - 2*PG-ITEM + 1END-IF

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