Can anyone explain the pageUP (PF7) and PageDown(PF8) logic in cics application program

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  • Mar 10th, 2006

To implement the functionality of PF7 and PF8 in our application

we make use of tis F7 n F8 logic i.e pageup and page down.

In the program we can have the coding for to retreive Max.,24 rows of data at a time and making use of it and depending on the req we can code within this limits and to hold that retreived data we need some storage area for this we will make use of Temporarary storage queues, in order to use the information across all the transactions.

so in the programming part we need to do coding for the queues and to retrieve data randomly.

Programme will be provided shortly as i also have to recollect this.

Always suggestions are invited!!

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  • Mar 21st, 2006

Hi, For that purpose u have two ways: 1: using TSQ"S 2: using Browse commands. using DFHcomm areaEg: Linkage section. 01 DFHCOMMAREA 05 LN-CUST-CODE PIC X (10)---------------also primary key aur any key from u start browse using browse commands first after eibaid u can give if condition for chaech identifier keys (PF7/PF8).... EVALUATE EIBAID WHEN DFHPF7 MOVE LN-CUST-CODE TO CUST-CODE ( VSAM PK) PERFORM STARTBR-PARA PERFORM READ-PREV-PARA VARYING I FROM 1 BY 1 UNTILL I > 10 OR WS- FLAG = 'Y' ( For showing 10 records per screen on map) WHEN DFHPF8 MOVE LN-CUST-CODE TO CUST-CODE ( VSAM PK) PERFORM STARTBR-PARA PERFORM READ-NEXT-PARA VARYING I FROM 1 BY 1 UNTILL I > 10 OR WS- FLAG = 'Y' WHEN OTHER MOVE "INVALID KEY PRESSED' TO MSGO(MAP o Fields) END_EVALUATE.STARTBR-PARA. EXEC CICS STARTBR FILE ('File Name') RIDFLD( CUST_CODE)....Primary key RESP(WS_-RESP) END-EXEC. Handle codes using IF conditions.READ-NEXT-PARA. EXCE CICS READNEXT FILE ('File Name') INTO(Rec Name) LENGTH( REC length) RIDFLD( CUST-CODE) RESP(WS-RESP) END-EXEC. Handle codes using IF conditions. MOVE the values into mapO fields u wants to display on screen.Same as READ-PREV-PARA. I think u got it all. IF i wrong correct me.Regards,Sunil

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