What are tests have been conducted for login, user id and password application? which test coduct first? what are the order of testings? Write some possible test cases?

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  • Feb 22nd, 2006

login- test for a page
user id & password- test for a field

for login page
1.   look & feel
2.   functionality
3.   usability
4.   page content
5.   navigation
6.   link
7.   pop up windows
8.   forms
9.   resizing effect
10. security
11. performnce
12. database

these are the tests mainly done to test a login page

for userid & password
1.  flow of tab key
2.  default value (if any)
3.  boundary value testing & Equivalent partitioning
4.  check that the form fields traps invlid data, & gives error msg
5.  test, with numeric & alphanumeric & special characters & for subsequent
     error msg
6.  test for successful submition of id & pasaword
7.  test for mandetory field
8.  check for pop up error message
9.  check for submit button
10. check for encrypted password


  • Nov 12th, 2008

we can check for the number of characters in login and password field like name should not exceed 25 charc and should not be less than 5 char.

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  • Sep 7th, 2009

Hi, following are the some scenarious to test user id and password application:

1. Verify default value of UN/PSW field.
2. Verify with valid UN & PSW.
3. Verify with invalid UN and PSW.
4. Verify with blank UN and valid PSW.
5. Verify with blank PSW and valid UN.
6. Verify with invalid UN and valid PSW.
7. Verify with valid UN and invalid PSW.
8. Verify "Enter" button after valid UN and PSW.
9. Verify "Enter" button with blank "UN and PSW".
10. Verify tab functions for UN and PSW fields.

For entering valid and invalid data, use "BVA and EP". Also use blank space,special and foreign characters,alpha-numeric characters for testing fields.

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