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We are looking for Tech related articles and tutorials for our sites.  If you are interested in writing them in your free time, please send them using contact link from the site.

Articles and tutorials must be original and not copied from any books or websites.


We run copyscrape on the article to find it's originality.  After the article is approved, you can choose the payment method.  We prefer paypal or Amazon gift certification.  All the submitted articles will be published on the sites your name as Author.  You are allowed to include 2 lines about you. 


Feel free to post any questions.




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  • Jan 20th, 2006


$5 is for one tutorial or per page.

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good afternoon sir I would like to ask some questions ,plz tell me.1) that what type of articles we are supposed towrite? What i mean is v hav to choose the topic of our own or u will specify it?2)Also please tell me the article etc should be of how many words?3)how and where to send it?4)Plz tell me how woulkd i know that topic which i hav selected is not choosen by anyone else?Plz guide me.

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Hello Manjunath, 

Career and Tech Related articles or tutorials as long as they add value for the reader. You can pick any topics you would like but they need to be approved after the submission.  Any where between 900 to 1200 words is fine.  We will post the article list after they are approved and publsihed.  For list of articles, you cna check at

Hope this answers your questions.


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Good afternoon sir

I am really greatfull to u for your response and it is true that  ur previous mail has answered many of my questions.Plz do tell me that if my article is approved ,how will i know it ?And what is the process


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Sorry for the dealy.. I was on business trip and just back home.  I am going through all the messages.  I will send a note if it's approved or not.  If it's not approved.. I will send details what need to be changed or added.


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hi,thanks for ur response and no need to b sorry.. but i am expecting ur note soon.I hav send 3,4 articles already.So i am expecting ur note.Although the articles which i send are good,that is what i feel,but due to some reason if they r not approved then plz let me know.The thing is that i can try to send better articles but ther should be some  way so that I am able to know whether it is approved or not.I hop u  r getting me.


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Hello Manu, 

Here is the feedback.  Please resend the articles with the corrections.

Testing Tools  : 493 words:  Number of words needs to be increased and cover different types of testing tools in detail. 

STL ?know it better: Looks good but number of words needs to be increased. 822 Words. It would be nice if you can get 1500 words in any article. 

Computer Viruses:  340 words.  Not upto the mark.  We don't have a category supports this.

who is a good software engineer : 390 words


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  • Mar 2nd, 2006

       Hi there,

This is Bijal Mandviya. I am a Jr. Software Developer.Can you please tell me specifically.What type of Tech article? Is it specific to any topic or in which technology would you like to have article?

I m intrested in solving coding test or coding queries for VS.NET2003 .Are you publishing such topics? I found this site very intresting. It's really good one to gain knowledge.

Regards,                                                                                               Bijal...

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  • Mar 20th, 2006


I would like to submit an article on Service-oriented architecture.

Please let me know if such an article is desirable for this site. If so, how do I post it on the portal.


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Hello Manu, 

We had sent mail to you few weeks ago.. not sure if it's ended in SPAM box.  We did not get any articles.. where did you submit.... ?.  Please reply to the email I will be sending. today.  Thanks


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