[Contribution Contest Dec 2005] Get $20 Paypal Prize Money

Contest Rules

Start Date : Dec 10th 2005
End Date : Dec 31st 2005

1. You must be a member of GeekInterview. This is very important to track your score.

2. Each new question or comments added will be counted towards your contribution score after they are approved by admin.

3. You comment or questions should not be duplicates which are alredy on the site.

4. Winner will be announced on Jan 1st 2006. At the beginning of Jan 2006, the member with the most number of quality posts will be the December member of the month To thank you for your contribution.

5. If you are the winner, please send us an email with the email address and name on your paypal account.

6. Please donot copy and paste the information or questions from any other sites or text books.  We verify for the validity of the posts and they will be deleted without approval.

Here are the sections you can contribute to become Member of the month.

Interview Questions

Placement Papers


Career Advice

Online Testing  : At the end of the test,  you can comment on the questions you have answered to help our fellow friends to understand the question and answer.

Articles and Tutorials :  You can send any articles and tutorials for publishing on the site which get 10 points where question and answers gets 1 point for each post. These must be original and you should give permission to publish them.  They will be published in GeekInterview and it's sites with your name as author.   

Hope you will enjoy this new feature by GeekInterview.

Good Luck,

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