Which of the following is not a C# reserved keyword

A) Is
B) As
C) In
D) Of

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  • Jan 2nd, 2006

A. is the correct answer bcoz In c# previously i had used in, As,Of keywordas used but i didn'nt used is keyword, plz let me know any further queries.

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  • Feb 15th, 2006

'of' is not a reserved keyword of C#. this can be verified with any book having the list of keywords in C#.

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  • Feb 22nd, 2006

" Of " - No doubt in it...

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  • Mar 29th, 2006

none of them. Unless you have typo.

"is", "as", "in" are


  • Jun 14th, 2006

Out Of All The Above Ones OF is not the C# reserve Keyword

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  • Jun 14th, 2006

The Only non reserved Keyword of C# is "OF"

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  • Jan 30th, 2007

'of' is not keyword.I checked it & posted

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  • Feb 25th, 2007

of is definitely the culprit 

is – checks object's compatibility with a given type.

 in – is used with foreach statement to iterate through items in a collection as – used for conversion. it is like cast, but it returns null if conversion fails, instead of raising as exception

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