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What is Fact table

Answer posted by Chintan on 2005-05-22 18:46:03: A table in a data warehouse whose entries describe data in a fact table. Dimension tables contain the data from which dimensions are created.
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Jul 14th, 2005
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Answered On : Jun 5th, 2005

A fact table in dataware house is it describes the transaction data.It contains characterstics and keyfigures.

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Answered On : Jun 24th, 2005

A Fact table is a collection of facts and foriegn key relations to the dimensions.

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Answered On : Jul 14th, 2005

Fact Table contains the measurements or metrics or facts of business process. If your business process is "Sales" , then a measurement of this business process such as "monthly sales number" is captured in the Fact table. Fact table also contains the foriegn keys for the dimension tables.

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Fact table contains the transactions data ,which have more columns and less no of rows.Among the data it also includes the foreign key of the dimension tables which r attached to it.

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Answered On : Jan 24th, 2006

Fact Table contains the keys(primary key,foreign key) of the releated dimension tables and measures which is based on the keys.

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Answered On : Feb 15th, 2006

Fact table will have numeric coloums.Or Values of the coloumns in Dimension table

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Kiran Cholleti

Answered On : Apr 17th, 2006

fact table which represents the information of measurments and aswell as the foreign key of dimention table.... if am wrong please inform mekiran cholleti

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Answered On : Apr 25th, 2007

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Its a table which contains only measures like total,distance,Fare,Number of parcels,Weight etc.      It contains only numeric values and contains foreign keys.

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Answered On : May 7th, 2007

A Fact table contains a composite key where each candidate key is the foreign key of the dimension table

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Answered On : May 30th, 2007

Fact table is the one which contains measures of interest at most granular level.These values are numeric.Ex:sales amount would be a measure .Each dimension table has a single-part primary which exactly corresponds to one of the components of  multiparty key in fact table.The Dimension table provides detailed info about the,year corresponding to sales amount would be part of dimension table.

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Answered On : Mar 7th, 2009

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A fact table in a data warehouse is one which contains the numeric data, can be further distributed as 'Additive Facts' and 'Non-Additive Facts'.Additive facts can be the sum of salaries.Non-Additive facts can be something containing the averages.most importantly it contains a multiple-part key, composed of the primary keys of the dimension table.

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Fact  table is a normalized table divided in to 2 parts  Link to all dimension tables -> First part of fact table contains set of foreign keys which links to the respective dimension tables. Evaluated facts from linked tables -> Second part of fact table contains the summerised set of aggrigated values which helps management in decision making process.

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Answered On : Jan 20th, 2011

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A fact table is an entity representing the numerical measurements or metrics or facts of the business Eg: Billings table,Bookings table,Accounts tableA dimension table is the entity describing the textual representation of the business. Eg: Customer table,Customer Address Table,Product table,Time dimension tableIn a banking model the account and balances are the measurements with in the fact table where as customer name,social security address, time period of the account are the dimensions (customer/time). Hope it clarifiesMunavar Shaik

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