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Swarm of Bees...
The square root of half the number of bees in a garden. 8/9th has remained behind, one female bee flies about a male bee. Tell me the number of bees??

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Dec 29th, 2005
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Answered On : Jan 25th, 2006

Total 81/2 bees in that one female bee flies about a male bee so tha 40 +1 i.e. 40 male bees and one female total 41 bees

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Answered On : Jun 29th, 2006

If we take the total no. of bees as x then we can easily from the following eqn. :(x/2)^(1/2) +8x/9+2 =x. solve it and you'll get the answer as 72. I am sure this is the answer,... so go for it .....and yes after solving the quad eqn. You'll get 9/2 as well .... so we just discard it ... because the no. of bees cannot be 4.5 (x/2)^(1/2) means under root of x/2 .. okies

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