DATE : FEB 06 , 2003

1. 3 marks
A frog falls into a well of height of 30 m. It tries to climb up in an
erratic manner. In 24 hours it climbs 3m in daytime and slips 2m in
the night. How many days does it take to climb the well?

2. 6 marks
Ann and Bell wrote an exam. Their father asked,"How did u do it?".
Ann said," I answered 1/3 rd of the questions wrong". Bell said," I
answered 1/5th of the questions wrong". But both together had answered
(some fraction) of the questions correctly.
How many did Ann answer correctly?

3. 8 marks
There are seven gems Amethyst, Diamond, Ruby, Garnet, Emerald,
Sapphire and Opal, which have to be placed for a window display.
There are 2 cases, left case and right case. Only three gems can be
placed in one case at a time.
Based on the conditions only the gems must be placed in each case.
1.Amethyst must be included in the case and kept in left case.
2.Diamond must be included in the case and kept in left case.
3.Ruby cannot be placed in the case while Diamond or Garnet is placed.
4.Emerald and Sapphire are to be placed together in the same case.

Questions were like:
1. If Amethyst is placed in the left case what other gems should be
placed along with it.

2.Emerald and Sapphire in right case then what must be placed in left case.


4. 8 marks
Geoffrey, Hallmann and Molly attend and interview and give three
different statements each.
To make it a little complex,
Out of the three statements made by each one, one is false.
Geoffrey says: I am 22 - false
Hallmann is elder than me by one year.
Molly is 25

Hallmann says: I am not the youngest -
Geoffrey is 2 years younger than me
Molly is younger than me by one year - false

Molly says: Geoffrey is 23
I am a year younger than Geoffrey
(I don't remember this statement but it is false.)

Goeffrey is 22 as Goef states,
And Goef== 23 as Molly states.
Both cannot be true.
Either one has to be true or either one has to be false.
Start deriving from this point and u get,

Geoffrey Hallmann Molly
Age: 23 25 22

5.8 marks
Clark, Jones, Smith and Morgan are Butcher, Grocer, Druggist and Policeman.
Based on the given conditions find who is who.
1. Clark and Jones are neighbors and they drive each other on
alternatively to work.
2.The Butcher always walks to work.
3.Clark beats Smith at the bowl regularly.
4.The Policeman has met the Grocer only once when he arrested him for speeding.
5.The Policeman and the Druggist are not neighbors.
6.Jones earns more than Morgan.
7.The Policeman earns more than the druggist or Grocer.
Quite confusing and time consuming for me.
Clark and Jones are not butchers……………
Proceeding like this solve it.

6. There is a cube, which has to be inscribed with the following pair
of numbers on opposite sides.
1 and 6,
2 and 4
3 and 5.
How many different ways can it be done?

7. 3 marks
There's an electric wire running 1 km from the side of a building.
The number of poles in between them is placed in an interval of
distance between each other.
If one pole is removed then the distance between each pole becomes 1 2/3 meters.
Find out how many poles were kept.

8. 6 marks
The time taken to travel in train from Town A to Town B is 5 hours.
There are trains starting from both towns at an interval of 1 hour.
How many trains meet in 1 trip?
Answered, but not sure
Ans : 10 trains check it as trains come from both sides every hour.

Shadow went to an Isle where the natives lie and the visitors speak truth.
Shadow saw a salesman and wanted to know whether he was a native or a visitor.
He did not pose a question directly but asked him indirect instead.
Shadow saw a woman and asked the salesman,"Is that a NATIVE or
VISITOR?" .For which the salesman replied," She is a visitor".
Is the salesman a Native or a Visitor?
Ans :
Since Shadow himself saw him/her as a woman and asked the salesman.
The Salesman replied ,"SHE " by which he speaks truth and is a Visitor.
Salesman is a Visitor.

10. I don't remember but attempted 10 out of which 8 are definitely correct.

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  • Jan 28th, 2006

ans to 7th question is 626

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  • Feb 13th, 2006

i like this way of approaching.lot of people get benefited by your approach.thank you

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Ravi savaliya

  • Feb 25th, 2006

8 ques.

every hour one train depart from each station , they meet at half an hour

that 10 train +1 train at the station  =11 train

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shradha agarwal

  • Apr 20th, 2006

ques 1 it will take 28 days.


  • Jun 26th, 2006


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  • Nov 27th, 2006


I came to answer 600. You need to remember that the Wire is starting from the wall end, so the number of Parts = Number of Poles + 1

I think i am correct.


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  • Dec 15th, 2006

Answer to 8 th question is 15 trains will meet in 5 hours...check it....

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  • Feb 12th, 2007

I guess the 8th answer is 6. cos the trains wont meet for the first 2 and a half hrs, so the first collision occurs after 2 and a half hrs, and the rest follow, so the answer is 6.

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Hari Priya

  • Jun 27th, 2007

Answer  2 the 1st question may be 30days---   because  the well is @ a depth of 30m  n in 1day (24 hrs) it climbs 3m in day n slips 2m in night  so it climbs 1m (i.e., it climbs 3m n slips 2m => 3m-2m = 1m)    therefore it climbs 1m in one day   so it takes  30days to climb 30m ht wall

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  • Aug 29th, 2007

the answer to the first question is 27 and 1/2 days
this is because the net climbing rate is 1 m / day.
so in 27 days it would have climbed 27 metres.
now on the 28th day in the morning (assuming that the first 12 hours are considered as daytime)it climbs 3metres and comes out of the well.
therefore it is 27 and 1/2 days according to me

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For question 5 the answer is

clark druggist

jones grocer

morgan is a butcher

smith policeman

well according to the question clark and jones are both of them cannot be butchers.

clark beats smith at bowl so they meet regul;arly so clark cannot be grocer as policeman met groceronly once.
thn morgan caanot be a policeman as he does not stay beside grocer.

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  • Mar 10th, 2008

I think there can b 2 possible interpretations of this ques-
1. No. of corresponding trains dat meet...acc. to this the ans is 6.
2. Total no. of trains dat meet...acc. to this the ans is 10 if we consider the trains dat meet in the journey, nd 12 if we consider the trains dat meet at both stations too.

I dont know, how to interpret the ques, so if someone really knows, do reply !

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