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What is the Difference between OLTP and OLAP

Answered by swetha on 2005-03-30 12:00:33: OLTP 
Current data 
Short database transactions 
Online update/insert/delete 
Normalization is promoted 
High volume transactions 
Transaction recovery is necessary 
Current and historical data 
Long database transactions 
Batch update/insert/delete 
Denormalization is promoted 
Low volume transactions 
Transaction recovery is not necessary 
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Jun 5th, 2005
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Answered On : Mar 30th, 2005

OLTP  Current data Short database transactions Online update/insert/delete Normalization is promoted High volume transactions Transaction recovery is necessary   OLAP Current and historical data Long database transactions Batch update/insert/delete Denormalization is promoted Low volume transactions Transaction recovery is not necessary  

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Answered On : Jun 5th, 2005

Hi  that is exact difference between oltp and OLAP bye

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OLTP is nothing but OnLine Transaction Processing ,which  contains a normalised tables and online data,which have frequent insert/updates/delete.But OLAP(Online Analtical Programming) contains the history of OLTP data, which is, non-volatile ,acts as a Decisions Support System and is used for creating forecasting reports.

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Answered On : Mar 2nd, 2006

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Hey add this point also, Index OLTP : FEWOLAP : MANYJOINSOLTP : MANYOLAP : FEWDeepa

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Answered On : May 17th, 2006

Hi deepa,thanks.Warm RegardsSahadevan from GE Healthcare

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pradeep reddy

Answered On : May 30th, 2006

good answer.

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Krishna Chowdary

Answered On : Aug 30th, 2006

In Oltp's, Data Can be insert,update and Delete.Follows ER ModelingIn OLap's Data cannot be insert,update and Detete. Follows Dimensional Modeling.

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Answered On : Dec 8th, 2006

Hi swetha, I read your answer about "Difference between OLTP and OLAP". its good and it was very useful for me. like i need the Difference between EXEC and SP_EXECUTE? Thanks & Regards R.Rajakrishnan

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Answered On : Jan 31st, 2007

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Hi SwethaThanks a lot for the answer

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Answered On : Mar 28th, 2007

oltp:                                                                                     1.current data only2.insert,update,delete operations are possible3.continous changing of data4.1 year data is present5.only one record is processed at a is present in 2d formatolap:1.current+historical data2.used for reprting and analysis3.non volatile in nature4.5-30 yrs of data is of records processed at a is present in muti dim format

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Answered On : Jul 1st, 2007

OLTPdetailed datanormalized datano. of concurrent users are very is volatile.size of lotp system is low.contains current data.subject orientedgives operational view of dataOLAPsummarized datadenormalized datano. of concurrent users are is nonvolatile.contains both current and historic data.integrated and subject oriented database.give analytical view.

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Answered On : Oct 30th, 2007

The simple answer would be that OLTP is realtime processing while OLAP is not..

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Thanks Mudula..........

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Thanks Jyothsna.......

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Answered On : Jun 15th, 2008

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W/H maintains subjectoriented,timevariant,histrorical data. where as OLTP apllications maintains current data, and it gets updates regularly. ex:ATM machine,Railway reservations etc.

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Olap->online analytical processing OLAP is a set of specifications which alows the client applications(reports)in retreiving the data from data ware houseoltp->olnline transactional processingOLTP databases are fully normalized and are designed to consistently store operational data, one transaction at a time.It performs day-to -day operations and not support historical dataNarasimha kumar konakandla

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Answered On : Mar 9th, 2009

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Main Differences between OLTP and OLAP are:- 1. User and System Orientation OLTP: customer-oriented, used for data analysis and querying by clerks, clients and IT professionals. OLAP: market-oriented, used for data analysis by knowledge workers( managers, executives, analysis). 2. Data Contents OLTP: manages current data, very detail-oriented. OLAP: manages large amounts of historical data, provides facilities for summarization and aggregation, stores information at different levels of granularity to support decision making process. 3. Database Design OLTP: adopts an entity relationship(ER) model and an application-oriented database design. OLAP: adopts star, snowflake or fact constellation model and a subject-oriented database design. 4. View OLTP: focuses on the current data within an enterprise or department. OLAP: spans multiple versions of a database schema due to the evolutionary process of an organization; integrates information from many organizational locations and data stores

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Answered On : Oct 6th, 2009

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Difference between OLAP and OLTP Systems Time Scale  OLTP: This stores current data  OLAP: This stores History data for analysis Indexing  OLTP: Optimizes update performance by minimizing the number of indexes  OLAP: Optimizes adhoc queries by including lots of indexes Normalization  OLTP: This is fully normalized  OLAP: Possibly partially denormalized for performance reasons. As this is used for reporting. Organization  OLTP: Data stored revolves around business functions  OLAP: Data stored revolves around information topics.Stored Values  OLTP: Stores typically coded data.  OLAP: Stores descriptive data Homegenity  OLTP: Scattered among different databases or DBMS and using different value coding schemes.  OLAP: Centralized in data warehouse. Or in a collection of subject oriented data marts. 

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Answered On : Oct 20th, 2010

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OLTP's are original source data where as OLAP's data comes from various OLTP database.In OLTP quries are simple quries returning in few seconds whereas quries in OLAP are complex involving aggregates.OLTP database design is highly normalized OLAP design is denormalized.

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Answered On : Dec 14th, 2010

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OLTP 1) Original source of data2) Normalized 3) Quries are simple 4) Regular going operations OLAP 1) comes from all OLTP's2) Denormalized3) Quries are complex4) Data which is used for analysis

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Answered On : Feb 1st, 2012

2.thousands of users
3.size 1gb to 4gb to day operations
5.transaction of data,detailed data
6.application oriented

2.hundreads of people(only d organizational)
3.size 100gb to tera bytes
4.decision making
5.summarised data,historical data
6.subject oriented

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Answered On : Jun 22nd, 2013

Hey add these points also,

1)OLTP:Volatile data behavior
OLAP:Non-volatile data behavior
2)OLTP:More no of Users
OLAP:Less no of Users
3)OLTP:E-R model for data modeling
OLAP:Dimension model for data modeling
4)OLTP:Its contains parent and child table
OLAP:Its contains Dimension table and Fact Table
5)OLTP:Designed for daily Transaction Purpose
OLAP:Designed for Queuing and reporting.

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