What things give you the greatest satisfaction at work?

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  • Jul 3rd, 2005

I get the greatest satisfaction when i actually do my work sincerely up to the standards

Deepak A Gupta

  • Aug 30th, 2005

A day in which I am able to help atleast one person either technically, or just in general by motivating him / her to achieve his / her desired goal. A smile in the face of people at work is something I crave for. It really makes the environment lively and eases the stress at work. For my kind of work I desire to work with people who r 'cool like cucumber'


  • Nov 28th, 2005

It's the day when I learn sth new , when I do sth I wasn't able to do it the previous day ,, And when I'm working in a hard project with all my best , and finally finish it successfully .

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  • Sep 19th, 2006


Hats off...u'r answer is really as kewl as cucumber.



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  • Sep 13th, 2015

When I do my work according to my plan and achieve my organizational goal

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  • Oct 2nd, 2016

self confidence

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