What is the difference between Functional Testing and Integration Testing?

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  • Dec 18th, 2005

Functional testing mainly focused on function of the module or flow of the module where as integration testing focused on integrating the modules of our application

Functional testing can be  called as requirement testing also.  During this test the testing team concentrate on every functionality of the project.

Integation testing mean when performing testing any mismatch occurs they report to the development team, then the development team  team makes modification and send the modified build to the test engineers. The test engineers perform the testing on this modified build which is called regression testing.

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Tushar Karodi

  • Dec 21st, 2005

Functional Testing means testing the application against its functional requirements and specifications.The main purpose of this testing is to check the main functionality of the application by nevigating through the application.Integration Testing is to ckeck when two modules merge together they communicate properly.That is the data flow is proper.

veenadevi karumanchi

  • Mar 24th, 2006

functionality testing:

testing involves identifying the application functionality and develop positive and negative test cases to check your application

integration testing

after the modules are integrated. the modules are integrated by systematically and incremental building blocks

once all the modules are integrated together

the system testing is carried out

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All above posts are very correct. Just trying to make it more simple and
straight from my end

Functional Testing: Testing based on an analysis of the
specification of the functionality
of a component or system. (Could be a
prior to Integration Testing)

Integration Testing: Testing performed to expose defects in the
interfaces and in the interactions between integrated components or systems
(Mostly executed after Functional Testing of component/module)

So very obvious term emerged from this as 'Functional Integration'

Functional Integration: An integration approach that combines the
components or systems for the purpose of getting a basic functionality working


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  • Apr 3rd, 2010

I am writing this because I do not think I really understand any of the answers given.  They all seem to say that functional testing is testing the functionality of a system whereas integration testing is testing how different components of a system integrate.

This is defining a term by using the term in the definition, and sounds like a lot of double-speak.  Perhaps some concrete example would be useful here. 

Is an integration test focussed specifically on the communication layer between 2 assemblies?  I can understand that when dealing with some 3rd party component that calling function in an API does what you would expect, but I imagine I would do that as a part of some kind of initial prototyping.  Would I need to keep "tests" around after that?

I suppose another time to concern yourself with integration is when you are making a tricky communication, as in between threads or processses, or talking to a database, perhaps with some kind of stress or smoke test that shows that the communications do not block each other, and survive error conditions, etc.

What I do not quite understand is the line working between different classes that are unit tested.  Would a functional test not show all of the important interactions between classes in a system?  When does a functional test NOT also test how all of the components of a system also integrate?

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  • Apr 20th, 2010

Integration testing is done to the combination of all the components which passed unit testing.

Functional testing is the system testing done after integration testing is passed.

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Functional testing is mainly the testing which is bother about the functionality of different modules individualy and their flow.

While integration testing is something which includes integration between different functions/modules.

Obviously we first perform functional testing and when all the functions or modules working correctly.............we us integration testing.

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