What is version control?

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amit pandey

  • Nov 15th, 2005

Version Control-Whenever any application came for modification we consider that as a new version of that application.We kept our old version and this new version of application in our database.We use VSS (Version source System) to manage the verions of application.

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  • Dec 3rd, 2007


Version control is used to track the application version( for example: if the application is build for the first time then it would be 1 or so. In future if some one make any modification on the application then it would change according to the modification made 1.1,1.2, so on) so that we can track the new application and also it keeps track of the person, what time it is been modified.

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  • Dec 4th, 2007

Version control is integral part of configuration management that basically helps in maintaining different versions of same code , document etc , Version control basically revolves arrounds changes , modifications in existsing application , documentation.

Build no: When minor changes are done in the code , we change the build no.

Version no: when major changes are done in the product to be delivered that is ceratin new features are added to the product then version no is changed.

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Version control is the subset of Configuration management. All the modification, deletion or addition to the same kind of code or system or application are recorded. The other way if a functionality is working on a certain version and failed in another version then all the information are noted down. In future it can helpful in tracking the records.

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Each Application has many versions (i.e. releases).
So it becomes very important to keep track of all the versions of the application which helps us to trace changes occurred in individual version.
This is Version Control i.e. record of each version is kept and controlled.

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  • Mar 21st, 2012

A version control system (or revision control system) is a combination of technologies and practices for tracking and controlling changes to a projects files, in particular to source code, documentation, and web pages.

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Dillip Palai

  • Mar 26th, 2012

Software Version Control is a system or tool that captures the changes to a source code elements: files, folders, images or binaries.

Version Control Tools track these changes and allows manipulation of versions and baselines.

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