How do you control visibility in Siebel?

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Swapnil Deshmukh

  • Jun 24th, 2005

From the developers and administrators perspective you have to assign views, responsibilities for particular position. For applet level visibility , we can change the boolean value in applet -> controls.

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  • Apr 11th, 2006

how do you implement data level visibility using positions

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  • Apr 17th, 2006

The following components determine the data within a view to which a user has access.

                      Business component view mode.       A view can have several applets?lists, forms, or trees. Each applet is based on a business component. The business component's view mode determines the allowable parties on which access control can be based for that business component. The business component's view modes also determine how the association with the party will be determined, for example "owned by" or "created by."

?                     Applet visibility properties.

?                     View visibility properties.


The following fields in the BusComp View Modes list in Siebel Tools determine allowable visibility for a business component.

  • Owner Type. This field specifies the party type, with one exception (described in the following list), that is used to determine whether a user is associated with a record. The allowable owner types are:
    • Person. Access control can be based on the user's Person record.
    • Position. Access control can be based on the position of the user.
    • Organization. Access control can be based on the organization of the user, as determined by the organization to which the user's current position belongs.
    • Group.
    • Catalog Category.


  • Jun 3rd, 2014

Visibility access can be granted by
a)BusComp view Mode
b)Visibility mode of view(All/Organization/Sales Rep)

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