What is the procedure for selecting mechanical engineering in TCS?

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  • Dec 26th, 2005

Dear frnd,

              The selection process is as same as they do for other branches,but during technical interview instead of asking questions from c,c++(like),they will ask questions from your area of interest that u mentioned in ur resume(like theory of machines,manufacturing,refrigeration etc.)Aptitude & HR are same  4 all branches.


  • Apr 1st, 2006

Procedure will be same for Mechanical eng becoz TCS is basically a soft. consultancy

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Thanks for that msg..

What should be our ideal answer for the question "being in non-it branch,Why you want to work for an IT company"

please send ans for this question..

We are having placement by TCS in the last week of this month

Thank you

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Arun Kumar

  • Jun 16th, 2006

We will have our placements in August starting . I am mechanical engg student .I dont know any computer language ,so pls tell me that should i go for software company or not.If yes then how can i prepare myself for the placements also give me some usefull info from urself pls.

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  • Jul 6th, 2007

When they ask why a non-IT member has to be selected? Then you should speak boldly and with an impressive way that sir/mam I am a person who is having an ability to learn something innovative, creative things. And I can put full effort in making the team more successful and at the same time I feel impressed to say that sucess does not belong to that or this but it belongs to those people who do hard work. And I think any person who do hard work can get success. Am I clear my friend.


  • Nov 19th, 2007

In the tech round you may be asked from your branch(if non IT). It depends on the interviewer. If he has any idea of Mech subjects he might ask you or else he will ask from C C++ and Java related ques.

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