How would you find out what version of Solaris is currently running?

Uname -a or uname -r

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  • Feb 3rd, 2006

use the command " uname -r " to check the release and version of sun OS


  • Sep 6th, 2006

USe Banner in OBP.

It will give the complete information about the server.


  • Jun 19th, 2007

Don't think the OBP will help will it? I mean, isn't that before the operating system is loaded?

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     -r              Prints the operating system release level.

     -s              Prints the name  of  the  operating  system.
     -v              Prints the operating system version.

     -X              Prints  expanded  system  information.


  • Jun 5th, 2013

cat /etc/release

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  • Jun 13th, 2013

uname -X

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  • Dec 12th, 2013

uname -a

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alan tangah

  • Mar 6th, 2014

cat /etc/release

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irfan khan

  • Apr 15th, 2014

uname -a

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  • Apr 28th, 2014

uname -m

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  • May 22nd, 2014

uname -a and cat /etc/release

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