Infosys Placement Paper Sep 11th 2005

1. There are 100 balls .20red,20 blue,20,20,20 What is the min no of balls u shld pick so that u can make a pair
2. 1/5 of those in front = 5/6 of those behind how many in the race?
3. There is train from Ny to Washington every hour from Washington to ny every ½ an hour total journey takes 5 hours how many trains u will see if go from ny to Washington
4. don't remember
5. 2 temperature systems A & B 14 in A = 36 in B 133 in A =87 in B at what temp both will be equal Ans 52.5
6. There are 5 positions in an office Manager,Cashier,Clerk,Floorwalker,Buyer
& 5 people Miss A ,Miss B, Mr C, MrD,Mr E 5 Conditions are given.
1. Cashier & manger were roommates in college
2. Buyer is a bachelor
3. E has only business relations with Miss A
4. Mrs C was very upset when her husband told her manager refused to give a raise
5. Davis will be the best man when cashier weds clerk
Find the position of all
7. from a to b it is 8 km up hill and 24 km downhill. Mr X goes from a to b in 2 hr 50 min and b to a in 4 hrs 30 min
Find the uphill and downhill velocity
8a red cube cut into 27 pieces how many
1. no sides painted
2. 1 side
3. 2 side
4. 3side
9 there are stamps of 2 p,7p,10p,15p,20p
Stamps are to be bought in two sets 3 kind of stamps 5 each,2 kind 6 each
Total money to be spent is Rs 3 find the two sets
10. M is sister of P,o`s husband is L`s brother,N is father of K & grandfather of P
There are two fathers and one mother and 3 brothers
Find who is husband of O
No of male members
The group of brothers


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