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What are different types of Journal entries ?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Sep 6th, 2005
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Mohammed Rahmathullah

Answered On : Aug 20th, 2005

Ans: Encumbrance,Stats,Actual

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Syed Basith

Answered On : Sep 6th, 2005

Hi,   Can you please elobrate this a bit ?  Regards Syed

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Answered On : Sep 26th, 2005

There are mainly two types of Journal entries :1. Simple Journal Entry2. Recurring Journal Entry

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Journals are of 3 types A-ActualB-BudgetE-EncumbranceSelect Distinct ACTUAL_FLAG from GL_JE_HEADERS ... will show the different types of Journal stored in the Journal Header table. 

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Answered On : Jan 26th, 2006

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Journal Entries can also be categorized on the basis of JE Category as well. You can refer all the Journal Categorizes defined in the env by using the following query:Select distinct je_category from GL_JE_HEADERSJE_CATEGORY--------------AccrualAdjustmentAllocationBalance Sheet CloseChargebacksConsolidationCredit MemosCross CurrencyDebit MemosDepreciationIncome Statement CloseLabor CostMTLMiscellaneous TransactionOtherPaymentsPurchase InvoicesReceivingRevenueSales InvoicesTaxTrade Receipts

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Bonthu N Reddy

Answered On : Feb 13th, 2006

A Debit or Credit to a General Ledger Account is called Journal Entry...Types of Journal Entries:-1) General Journal Entry.2)Recurrning Journal Entry.3)Mass Allocation Journal Entry.4)Reversing Journal Entry.Cheers,Bonthu N Reddy.

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Answered On : Feb 21st, 2006

CAN u explain me this questionTDS entries are not posted Prasant  

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Answered On : Aug 2nd, 2006

Hi, then what are these types of entries, what are they called then -
skeletel journal entry
standard journal entry
formula journal entry

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Answered On : Oct 6th, 2006

type of journal entry1.simple Journal Entry.2.Recurrning Journal Entry.3.Reversing Journal Entry.4.Mass Allocation Journal Entry.5. journal import process--- through this process, we can enter journal from sub ledger like AP

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Answered On : Jul 21st, 2007

Seketon, formula and Standard JE are types of Recurring JE. The JE types are only five:1. Basic JE2. Importing from other subledgers3. Recurring4.Reversal5. Mass Allocation

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Answered On : Oct 21st, 2011

There are total 6 Types of Journals
1. Functional Journals, Where functional currency will be used.
2.Foreign Currency journals, where Foreign currency will be used.
3.Reversal Journals, this will be used to Reverse the Mistaken journals to balance the Balances of A/c's
4.Suspense Journals, This will be used to find variants in A/c to settle those variants.
5.Recurring Transaction Journal: Where the transaction happens periodically those transaction will come under Recurring Journals, as per the transaction again this Recurring Journal will be divided into 3 types.
1. Standard Recurring Journal. where there is no change in amount periodically
Ex: Rents..
2. Skeleton Recurring Journals: where the transaction takes place periodically but the amount varies those are come under Skeleton Recurring journals.
Ex: Power bills, Phone bills.. Etc...
3. Formula Recurring Journals, which requires formula to calculate.
Ex: Dep calculation on loans and all..
6. Tax Journals: where Tax record should be mentioned is come under Tax Journals.

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