Explain the differences between Server-side and Client-side code?

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VinodKumar Kakde

  • Jun 10th, 2005

server side code is responsible to execute and provide the executed code to the browser at the client side. the executed code may be either in XML or Plain HTML. the executed code only have the values or the results that are executed on the server. The clients browser executes the HTML code and displays the result. 
where as the client side code executes at client side and displays the result in its browser. it the client side core consist of certain functions that are to be executed on server then it places request to the server and the server responses as the result in form of HTML.

Pritpal singh

  • Jul 10th, 2005

server side code is generated script for client side that display client browser in format HTML or XML becuse browser is understand only XML and HTML format. 
server side is ecxecute in server and display output in client,server side code do the round trip in server while client execute in without any trip.

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Pritam Baldota

  • Jul 21st, 2005

Server Side Code 
Server side is the code that resides at web server. 
For every client request code is executed at server side and result is send to the client in simple HTML format.  
Performance is lower than client side code due to server round trips.  
Client cannot see the business logic though it is stored on server. 
Client Side Code 
Client side code is reside at client's browser itself. It is executed at client side only. User can easily see the code by View - > Source option.  
It is generally used in validation form like text field is empty or not, email address validation etc. It is faster than server side code.

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Jitendra Kumar

  • Aug 13th, 2005

Serverside Code: Serverside Code is the Code which resides and executes on the server. After execution it give Client Side Code or Do some Action. 
Clidentside Code: Clientside Code is the code which is generated by Server and executes on Client Machine. It could be in form of HTML, JavaScript or XML or any Scripting Langaguate which is supported by relevant browser.

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  • Jul 3rd, 2006


the server side code is run in web server this is server side

client side:-

the clientside code in the client browser

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  • Jun 13th, 2009

Server-side code:
1. Code is written in VB, C# or other compiled languages.
2. Code is executed by the server during a roundtrip in response to a user
request or action.
3. The server executes server side code and returns HTML code to the client
browser for display.
4. Code is either compiled dynamically or precompiled into assemblies.

Client-side code:
1. Code is written in a scripting language such as JavaScript and HTML.
2. The browser itself executes the code in response to a user action and no
server round trip is involved.
3. Client browser executes code to dynamically modify the HTML. This is called
Dynamic HTML.
4. Code is script and therefore it is interpreted.


  • Aug 7th, 2011

Difference between client side and server side. Server side Server side script are processed at server after server get request for a PHP document. After request for an PHP document was sent, server is processing PHP code and it generates HTML code that is sent to a client.

This means that page which client sees does'nT exist anywhere on the server in such form. Client side Main an most used language of client side group is JavaScript. Code written in Javascript is often included in an basic HTML code and it'S executed at the client explorer.

This kind of code is visible to everybody. Let me show you examples: Client sideand Server side

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ashok chowdary

  • Jun 7th, 2012

The code which executed on server is called server side code( .ASPX file whis server side code)
The code which is executed on client System is called client side code(Example: java script which is client side code)

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  • Nov 23rd, 2012

The code which running at the client web browser is called client side scripting whereas code which is running at the web server is known as server side scripting..
Examples for client side scripting is: javascript,VBScript ..
Example for server side scripting is: ASP.NET,PHP,JavaEE ..

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