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What is low values and high values?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Jun 26th, 2005
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Answered On : Jun 26th, 2005

LOW-VALUES and HIGH-VALUES are figurative constants that represent the lowest and highest possible values for an alphanumeric data item. You would use them anytime you want to set or compare a data item to "all bits off" or "all bits on" values.  On system 390, LOW-VALUE = X'00' or all binary zeroes. HIGH-VALUE = X'FF' or all binary ones.

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Answered On : Apr 2nd, 2006

Generally used for initialization. HIGH or LOW values are assigned as per the collating sequence.

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Answered On : Oct 31st, 2008

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High-Values & Low-Values are ALPHANUMERIC Figurative Constants in COBOL. These are non printable characters which are having highest and lowest values respectively in a collating sequence.

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Answered On : Aug 12th, 2014

LOW-VALUE = X00 which are hexadecimal zeros.
HIGH-VALUE = XFF which are hexadecimal ones.

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