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Rational Robot Interview Questions

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How to record a dynamically changing object in rational functional tester?

Asked By: Pallavi2013 | Asked On: Jan 31st, 2013

I need to record the objects in the application where it changes its position and value dynamically. How do I do this?

What is ucm?

Asked By: anitha_arg | Asked On: Feb 20th, 2006

Answered by: Manjunathan on: Sep 21st, 2012

Unified Change Management (UCM) is IBM’s solution for managing change across the development life-cycle using Rational brand tools. UCM integrates a project’s activities with the software artifacts being changed through a defined, repeatable process.

Answered by: kanth on: Jul 24th, 2006

Hi Anitha,UCM or Unified Change Management is a layer built on top of Rational ClearCase to provide several features to this Configuration Management System for software development. These changes inc...

Which is the script used in rational robot

Asked By: manjunath | Asked On: Nov 25th, 2005

Answered by: Lakshmikanth B on: Aug 27th, 2011

SQA Basic is the Rational Robot's native language. It will also supports Frameworks like wiltest (organisation specific)

Answered by: amit_mother on: Oct 11th, 2010

In Rational robot scripting language is SQA-BASIC.

How to handle coordinates in the script

Asked By: sarangs | Asked On: Apr 15th, 2008

How to handle coordinates in the script? If there are coordinates in my script, will there be a problem in future (future enhancements to the script depending on he changed requirement). Please let me know.

Answered by: Lakshmikanth B on: Aug 27th, 2011

For VB related desktop applications also coordinates will change so better to avoid coordinates in the scripts.

Answered by: prernasaxena on: Jul 14th, 2010

The coordinates especially in the applictions that work on .Net framework or any web based applications are bound to change so its better to leave the coordinates blank, I mean just remove the coordinates between the quotes.

What is datapool

Asked By: P.muthukumar | Asked On: Oct 11th, 2006

Answered by: bizzzzzare on: Oct 26th, 2007

Hi,A datapool is a dataset that is used to parameterize your scripts. In short, incase your script is using hard-coded values we could substitute the value with a Datapool value for every iteration.Da...

Answered by: srm_suganya on: Sep 25th, 2007

hi,Data pool is nothing but a DATA SET , while play booking the script we can pass the  'n'  of inputs or values for the particular field or columnAdvantages :no need to create script for each and every inputs single script is o.k to pass multiple values ......

Rational functional testing

Asked By: sateesh461 | Asked On: Jul 24th, 2008

Explain about the rft..?? What is framework for QTP...??

Answered by: amit_mother on: Oct 11th, 2010

Rational robot is a functional testing tool and it can be divided into 2 parts as below. It is Product of Rational corporation, now undertaken by IBM. So we can say product of IBM1.RFT (Rational Funct...

Answered by: sreenivas_nandam on: Jul 31st, 2008

The RAFT (Reusable Automation Framework for Testing) is the Keyword Driven framework which can be used across different platforms with minimum customization. The test cases can be written using the repository of keywords available to the testers.

What is the difference between rational robot (rational functional tester)and ibm functional tester?Which is better?

Asked By: sailaja | Asked On: Sep 16th, 2005

Answered by: MQTech on: May 23rd, 2010

Although IBM Functional Tester is easier to use and offer more features, there are few applications that there objects will not be recognized.On the other hand Rational functional tester (Robot) support more platforms.

Answered by: singh.mukesh on: May 28th, 2008

Rational Functional tester and IBM funtional tester is one and the same the name u find better u can go for it................rational robot and rational functional tester is differ...

1.What is the extension of header file and library file ? What is extension of compiled library file in rational robot ?2.List out some sqa basic commands ?3.In which directory the project details are...

Asked By: aarthi | Asked On: Aug 21st, 2007

Answered by: sampada.ab on: Oct 31st, 2009

Extension of header file : .sbhExtension of library is : .sbl.

Answered by: prashanth.n on: Dec 10th, 2007

The extension of header file is .sbh and library file is .sbl.The extenstion of complied library file is .sbxRegards,Prashanth.Np

How do you record movements of mouse in excel applications?

Asked By: Master | Asked On: Mar 29th, 2007

Answered by: sampada.ab on: Oct 31st, 2009

You can switch to low level recording for this particular scenarioRegards,Sampada

What is the use of requisite pro?

Asked By: RahulUkey | Asked On: Feb 23rd, 2006

Answered by: harim on: Oct 5th, 2009

RequisitePro is a requirement management tool, it is one of the IBM Rational product. This tool is used to preserve, maintain the requirements, you can map your requirements with the testcases, tr...

Answered by: Tulika chatterjee on: Sep 4th, 2006

Rational RequisitePro is a requirements management tool that helps project teams control the development process. RequisitePro organizes your requirements by linking Microsoft Word to a requirements p...

What is getvalue() and setvalue() in rational robot .How does this work in test script in rational robot.

Asked By: chandra | Asked On: Apr 24th, 2007

Answered by: hitendra30 on: Sep 28th, 2009

Get Value Function through which you can read Value specific object like Combo box or List box  and set value use for set(Enter) value in object using script  --Hitendra Desai

How can I write data into external excelsheet using rr.

Asked By: Abhijeet | Asked On: Jan 16th, 2007

Answered by: mndhinesh on: Aug 6th, 2009

    Dim FilePath    Dim FileNumber    FileNumber = FreeFile    FilePath = "E:abc.xls"   Open FilePath For Output As FileNumber   Write #FileNumber ,"data1,data2,data3"

Answered by: vijayabhaskarr on: Mar 1st, 2007

1) First you create Excel Object with the below statement. Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")2) Open the work bookobjWorkBook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open(FileName:=sFileName...

How do you perform dynamic object testing using robotscenario;enter any number b/w 1 to 100 in an edit box, there is command buton, on click of cmd button, if you enter 50, 50 comboxes should be dispalyed,...

Asked By: radhika | Asked On: Aug 4th, 2006

Answered by: sirishabehara on: May 7th, 2009

We can test dynamic object by creating an object with "create.object()"

Answered by: Prithvi Krishna on: Aug 6th, 2006

Use SQAGetChildren and obtain child count / child names before clicking the cmd button - after clicking the button obtain the list of children again and compare.If recognition strings of the combo box...

Where does all the objects stored in rational robot while recording gui script?

Asked By: sps1232 | Asked On: Apr 25th, 2007

Answered by: tarunsingh.1979 on: Mar 31st, 2009

Rational Robot strictly uses object oriented recording so it only records object recognition method & that is visible in the script. So, I think storing object image is not required in RobotRobot recording is just like descriptive programming of QTP where storing of objects are not required.

Answered by: Ashwini on: Sep 24th, 2007

 I assume that all the object's properties r stored in inspector.There is the possibilities of spy++ also but i m not very sure abt that.

How can I use a script from one project in another project ?

Asked By: A. Tawee | Asked On: Oct 22nd, 2007

I would like to use a script in another project. I copy this script .Rec to the directory of new project but I can't see this script when I open the new project. Could you please tell me how to use a script in a project to another project?

Answered by: math_janaki on: Dec 24th, 2008

I have given a detailed explanation about how to copy a scriptfrom one project to another in question no. 47.Refer Que 47: How to copy the script from one project to another project?
Hope it helps you.

Answered by: math_janaki on: Dec 24th, 2008

When you copy a .rec file from one project to another project, you can't see that script directly in the script window if you say open -> script and give the script name.When you are copying a ...

How to store value in datapool?

Asked By: Yaamin | Asked On: Sep 27th, 2007

Answered by: math_janaki on: Dec 24th, 2008

You can either write the values into an excel, save it as a CSV file and import the csv into robot as a datapool (or) Just go to Tools -> Manage -> Datapools from Test Manager, Click on New, giv...

Answered by: prashanth on: Nov 22nd, 2007

You can provide data directly into .csv file.

Can't start sqarobot

Asked By: vghule | Asked On: Jan 30th, 2008

I interrupted the sqarobot while it was running the script. Now I am not able to start it. Is it because it's still running at the background ?Please advice.

Answered by: mayur_kumar on: Oct 11th, 2008

Yes, your right, you can go to task manager and kill the process "rtrobo.exe" and try to start the tool again, still this will not searve your pupose, then restart your application.

Script copy

Asked By: srathour07 | Asked On: Aug 26th, 2008

How to copy the script from one project to another project?

Answered by: math_janaki on: Sep 30th, 2008

You have 2 ways to copy a script from one project to other project.1st Method:Go to TMS_Scripts folder of your project. Let's say ur source project name is Project1 and destination project name is...

What are two types of script recording in rational robot?

Asked By: tusharkarodi | Asked On: Dec 21st, 2005

1. Gui scripts: used for gui activites.2.Vu scripts: used for the client server request for performance testing.

Answered by: lekshmi rajesh on: Oct 1st, 2008

There are two modes of recording..One is Object Oriented mode of recording Other is Low level mode of recording .Object Oriented Recording is used to capture the user activity as well as properties ...

Answered by: meetiyappan on: Feb 12th, 2008

There r two types of recording in the rational robot...Low level recording and Object oriented recording.....In this OOr we will generated based on GUI objects of the AUT.....Adv: we can reuse the scr...

AbbreVATion or .Rsp

Asked By: FairySan | Asked On: May 5th, 2008

What is the abbreVATion of .Rsp

Answered by: prashanth.n on: Aug 22nd, 2008

RSP means Rational Suite Project.

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