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Mail server communication issue for all users in a lan

Asked By: jo_star | Asked On: Oct 13th, 2014

All the users in a lan have trouble communicating with the mail server. As a network engineer, what are the troubleshooting steps to be followed?

Which of the following iso level is more closely related to physical communications facilities

Asked By: Rujul | Asked On: Mar 9th, 2007

1. Application 2. Session 3. Network 4. Data link

Answered by: dhanunjaya on: Aug 24th, 2014

Data link layer

Answered by: Venkatesh kalal on: Aug 7th, 2014

4. Data Link Layer

What is the difference between domain & workgroup?

Asked By: santanu987 | Asked On: Dec 14th, 2007

Answered by: Naresh.P on: Aug 4th, 2014

DNS Is a Naming Resolution. It is used to Resolve domain name to IP Address and vice versa.

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 8th, 2014

Domain,is group of security,which will be applies,and monitor,by using centralize server,it is secured network.
work group,is peer to peer networking,it is not secure network.

Transmission media

Asked By: gina irima | Asked On: Jul 31st, 2014

List three types of transmission media and describe their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Use only mac address to communicate.

Asked By: Nith_ravi | Asked On: Jul 13th, 2014

Can we communicate by using only the mac address in same network?

Answered by: shashank on: Jul 24th, 2014

Yes , IP address are used by routers . switches can work with MAC address too . Also if case of same network we do not need routers. switches are enough.

What are the types of protocols and what are its functions and for what purpose this protocol is used give me a brief explanation?

Asked By: Venkatesh | Asked On: Sep 19th, 2006

Answered by: sashikanth on: Jul 21st, 2014


Answered by: ojoh femmy on: Jul 5th, 2014

Types of internet protocol:
1. HTTP; hypertext transfer protocol
2. TCP; transmission control protocol
3. IP; internet protocol
4. FTP; file transfer protocol
5. SMTP; simple mail transfer protocol
6. RTP; remote transfer protocol
7. SSHP; secure shell protocol

What is subnetting? Why is it used?

Asked By: vivekravindran | Asked On: Oct 23rd, 2005

Answered by: JFK on: May 29th, 2014

Grouping of ip addresses, in case of consider a organization has been allocated with IP address to then, if the organization needs to separate the ip Address into groups for fi...

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 8th, 2014

Sub netting,divided the large network into small set of segment.

What is difference between switch & hub?

Asked By: rameshy030904 | Asked On: Nov 10th, 2005

Answered by: akhila on: Apr 19th, 2014

A hub is a device which joins multiple devices together. A switch is a combination of a hub and a bridge. Switch can interconnect two or more workstations , but like a bridge, it observes traffic flow...

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 7th, 2014

Switch, is prevent the collision domain, switch is faster than hub, function of switch,learning,filtering,Aging,and prevent layer two looping

What are the different type of networking / internet working devices?

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Mar 6th, 2005

Repeater:also called a regenerator, it is an electronic device that operates only at physical layer. It receives the signal in the network before it becomes weak, regenerates the original bit pattern and puts the refreshed copy back in to the link.Bridges: these operate both in the physical and data...

Answered by: shamli lende on: Apr 9th, 2014

1. hub
2. router
3. repetator
4. switch
5. modem
6. gateway
7. bridges

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 8th, 2014


What is router?

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Mar 6th, 2005

Hybrid devices that combine the features of both bridges and routers.

Answered by: ak on: Mar 18th, 2014

It is a device which routes packets in network

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 7th, 2014

Router perform routing,
routing is selection of best available path,in the network.

What protocol is used by dns name servers?

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Mar 6th, 2005

Dns uses udp for communication between servers. It is a better choice than tcp because    of the improved speed a connectionless protocol offers. Of course, transmission reliability suffers with udp.

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 7th, 2014


Answered by: Sohan Choudhary on: Oct 3rd, 2013

DNS- (Domain name system) - DNS is resolve FQDN name VIA ip to name and name to ip and dns in web hosting .

What is dora process?`

Asked By: rockd7 | Asked On: Jul 10th, 2007

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 8th, 2014

DHCP,used the DORA process,

D-discover, dhcp discover the request,regarding IP,
O-offer,DHCP offer the set of IP,
R-received,select the best set of IP,
A-acknowledgement, allot the given IP.

Answered by: SHAMSHER ALAM on: May 8th, 2013

Dora process is a Service it is a used to dscp ip address automatic update is called Dora process.

What is the requirement of dns?

Asked By: reddamma | Asked On: Dec 19th, 2007

Answered by: rahul on: Feb 8th, 2014

DNS:-its domain name system,
which is used for name resolution,like name to IP,and IP to name

Answered by: jamaluddin on: Sep 20th, 2013

DNS most use of ip to name converting and name to ip converted.

Your network uses both ipx and net beui. Which device would provide the best connectivity if you have many (more than 10) segments?

Asked By: Obakeng Lebelo | Asked On: Aug 29th, 2007

Answered by: Enkidu on: Sep 4th, 2013

Nobody uses either of those protocols anymore. If you took a time machine 20 years in the past, you would use IPX on your mulch-segment system.

What is the role of network administrator?

Asked By: joshianantsp | Asked On: Jan 30th, 2007

Answered by: Hammad on: May 6th, 2013

The role of a network administrator is
1. Installation of a new network.
2. Configuring a new network.
3. Maintaining and troubleshooting an existing network.

Answered by: Yaqub on: Feb 19th, 2013

What are the four major roles of a network administrator?

Default port no. For telnet ___ ? snmp ____? ftp ____?

Asked By: harsha548 | Asked On: Oct 6th, 2007

Answered by: Dharmendra Raghuwanshi on: Feb 21st, 2013

Telnet- 23
snmp- 161/162

Answered by: nathsambu on: Dec 21st, 2012

Telnet = 23
SNMP = 161
FTP= 20 for connection establishment and 21 for Data Transfer.

What is an email client? What is difference between email client and web mail?

Asked By: sunilbaglur | Asked On: Jun 3rd, 2006

Answered by: pavan on: Feb 18th, 2013

An email client, email reader, or more formally mail user agent (MUA), is a computer program used to manage a users email.. client is a client who change to any document in web page which he registered
2.web client is a client who doest be change anything only they were read the data

Answered by: Kaushal Patel on: Jun 4th, 2006

Email ClientEmail clients download your emails onto your computer. Using a specialized email program such as Outlook Express or Apple Mail has the advantage of giving you complete control over your em...

How do you perform subnet addressing ?

Asked By: Shubham | Asked On: Oct 15th, 2007

Answered by: kripamoy on: Sep 14th, 2012

Subnetting divides one large network into several smaller ones. It adds an intermediate level of hierarchy in IP addressing.

Answered by: Sandhya.Kishan on: Apr 19th, 2012

To create or to perform subnet addressing the local address should be divided into a number identifying the physical network and a number identifying the host on the subnet. Then the senders route m...

What is virtual path?

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Mar 6th, 2005

Along any transmission path from a given source to a given destination, a group of virtual circuits can be grouped together into what is called path.

Answered by: neha on: May 17th, 2012

Such a path is a path which virtual physically possible. The path from Source to Destination cover every Node. It makes virtual circuit.

Answered by: Sandhya.Kishan on: May 1st, 2012

A bundle of virtual channels which share the same end point is known as virtual path.Each virtual path is identified by its unique virtual path identifier (VPI). All channels within a single path must...

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