Use Only mac address to communicate.

Can we communicate by using only the MAC address in Same network?

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  • Jul 24th, 2014

yes , IP address are used by routers . switches can work with MAC address too . Also if case of same network we do not need routers. switches are enough.


  • Apr 5th, 2016

You still need an IP address to communicate on the same network (assuming IP communication). The question needs more information.

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  • Aug 11th, 2016

IP addresses are layer three communications which are routers. You dont need a router in the same network, switches use hardware address anyways which is you MAC address.

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  • Oct 29th, 2016

Every system in network is identified by unique IP address. Therefore I think IP address is essential for communication. Mac address is the machine address. But in network this address is unknown to another machine. What another machine knows is the IP address of the machine and using arp mac address of the machine can be obtained for communication.

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