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Target details verification

Asked By: sarun5 | Asked On: Feb 24th, 2008

If the records are transfered from source to target and if you want to check whether all the records are stored in the target. What are the possible ways to check that.

Answered by: Rishak on: May 21st, 2012

If you want to check the records,you can directly use MINUS query for eg

  1.  SELECT  count(*) FROM source
  2. minus
  3. SELECT count(*) FROM target

Hope this will help Thanks Risha

Answered by: skaur29 on: Nov 17th, 2011

1) Check Session Logs
2) Use Preview Data option for Target in PowerCenter once session is completed
3) Sql queries if it is a Relational database

How can we load date type of data in month wise in Informatica?

Asked By: chary_vurimalla0246 | Asked On: Sep 21st, 2011

Answered by: rakesh on: May 18th, 2012


Answered by: mouni on: Apr 30th, 2012

ex :to_char(trunc(sysdate),mm)

Error handling logic

Asked By: ash22 | Asked On: Apr 18th, 2009

How do you handle error logic in Informatica? What are the transformations that you used while handling errors? How did you reload those error records in target?

Answered by: Umesh on: May 14th, 2012

So we create 2 variable for every field on which we have to do error logging. 1 variable will check the condition for error (i.e. check for isnull or check for datatype) and assign NULL if it does not...

Answered by: prashant.baranwal on: Sep 11th, 2010

It is one of the most common concept which is being implement in alomost all DW projects. A very simple way of handing error and with their approprite messages is:Concat all the columns with a delimet...

How to connect in mapping from target to any other transformation in Informatica ?

Asked By: shaikiliyas | Asked On: Apr 15th, 2011

I have two target tables,so I want to make union of both the target,so please let me know about this

Answered by: santanu on: May 11th, 2012

Make two flows in the same mapping:
flow 1: load both the targets
flow 2: use both the targets as the source and use SQL override to join the tables. Then load them into a single table

Answered by: Sreedhar Lokaray on: Nov 3rd, 2011

I think your question is how to merge the records from two targets after they got loaded? If this is your question then first import the two target tables as source tables. Complete the mapping to loa...

Informatica solve pcsf_10342

Asked By: akmohanty | Asked On: Mar 14th, 2012

How to solve pcsf_10342 when enabling integration service in Informatica 8.6.1 ?

Answered by: Sudarshan on: May 2nd, 2012

Login to the admin console and delete the repository content and recreate it. Restart the integration service. It works!

What is redo log file in Informatica ?.

Asked By: Manoj | Asked On: Aug 3rd, 2007

Answered by: Suhel Shaikh on: Apr 4th, 2012

There is no redo log file in informatica.Its in oracle.

Answered by: jayapraveen on: Oct 5th, 2010

Redo log file stores the value only after the" Commit "Transaction Occurs

What is SCD type 3 and where do you use it in implementation ?

Asked By: amk742 | Asked On: Apr 20th, 2011

Answered by: sriinivas kasiboina on: Feb 15th, 2012

SCD Type 3 is used when it is necessary for datawarehouse to keep track of historical changes and when such changes will only for finite number of times.

Answered by: sriram on: Sep 27th, 2011

scd type3 is used for loading the current & most previous data into target

Hi, how we validate all the mappings in the repository at once

Asked By: surendrapoluparti | Asked On: Nov 6th, 2006

Answered by: swaroopkanth on: Feb 8th, 2012

We can validate all the mappings in the repository at once. This is possible through the repository manager.

Answered by: Jai on: Dec 25th, 2011

Guru, It is not possible to validate all the mapping to which is present in Repo either from Repo Manager or Designer. The reason , There could be more than one folder, Each folder may contain some...

How many types of dimensions are available in Informatica?

Asked By: Deeprekha | Asked On: Jul 24th, 2006

Answered by: Santosh on: Dec 26th, 2011

In Informatica 4 types of dimensions are available, these are 1) Degenerate dimensions 2) Junk dimesnsions ( a dimension which contains the less numbers of cordinality vales are less number of ind...

Answered by: suren on: Nov 22nd, 2011

Hi Guys, Please don't answer wrong answers the above mentioned are Schema. , the dimension are discussed bellow. 1.Junk Dimension:Contains miscellaneous data such as flags and indicator 2.Degener...

Index and data cache

Asked By: anilkumar.v | Asked On: Jun 30th, 2011

What is the difference between index cache and data cache

Answered by: santosh on: Dec 26th, 2011

Index cache : Integration service stores all conditional values in to the index cache and all output values into the data cache.

Please correct me anything wrong

Answered by: skaur29 on: Nov 17th, 2011

If we talk with respect to Aggregate Transformation , then Index Cache stores the Group Values and data Cache stores the Actual Data which is Row data.

What is the difference between source preload and source postload?

Asked By: prasad mallipeddi | Asked On: Apr 17th, 2011

Answered by: Sumithav29 on: Dec 20th, 2011

In Stored Procedure transformation we can also specify when the SP should run.Its Normal,Pre-load of the Source,Post-load of the Source,Pre-load of the Target and Post-load of the Target. Pre-load of...

Answered by: Anubhav Raikar on: Nov 15th, 2011

If you are asking this in terms of Stored Procedure Transformation, then the SP would be run before the Source fetches any data (in case you select Source PreLoad) .. and in case of Source PostLoad th...

What is the new lookup port in look-up transformation?

Asked By: phanimv | Asked On: Oct 18th, 2006

Answered by: venkat on: Dec 14th, 2011

In the look up properties whenever you check the dynamic lookup cache is enable, in lookup table new column is added automatically that is newlooup port. If the new lookup port is 0 then there is no change. If it is 1 insert and if it is 2 update.

Answered by: srikanth on: Nov 18th, 2011

how to get total as new row and sum as 10.000

  1. source
  2. name    sal
  3. aaaa      2000
  4. bbbb      3000
  5. abcd       5000
  8. Target
  9. name    sal
  10. aaaa     2000
  11. bbbb     3000
  12. abcd      5000
  13. total      10000

Real-time lookup transformation usage

Asked By: sunilreddy84 | Asked On: Dec 9th, 2011

How and for what purposes we use look up transformation in sales or banking project?

How to run a single pipeline within a mapping?

Asked By: sri.dwh85 | Asked On: May 10th, 2011

Suppose in my mapping 3 pipelines are there from source to target and I want to run the middle pipeline only.

Answered by: Suhel Shaikh on: Nov 24th, 2011

Example; If we have two pipelines in a single mapping then whichever pipeline you do want to run just add 1=2 in the SQ override as a last statement.And create two sessions for the same mapping and add this statement to the SQ of one source which you don't want to run.It will run the other one.

Answered by: SEHAJ SHANGARI on: Aug 18th, 2011

In designer.
Select mapping tab
There is a property target load plan
Select the source qualifier and the target which u want to run the first n place it in first position. Followed by other pipelines

Commenting of stored procedure

Asked By: suri.ravi | Asked On: May 29th, 2008

I need to comment the stored procedure in the mapping

Answered by: sreenu on: Nov 18th, 2011

Pass dummy argument and do not connect the output of the stored procedure to actual fields.. you this as pass through transformation if it is a connected one

if it is unconnected t/f then you can simply ignore the output of the field in the expression

Reading flat files

Asked By: sohamasmi | Asked On: Oct 12th, 2010

While reading flat files can we increase the default size of 1024 bytes of a line?If yes then is there any upper limit for that?

Answered by: Sreenu on: Nov 18th, 2011

Yes, we can increase the line sequential buffer length in the session properties.

There is no hard limit actually, but when the block size and the DTM buffer size also should be increased to be able to process the records

Transaction in joiner

Asked By: sreeniv | Asked On: Jun 19th, 2011

Please explain working with transactions in joiner transformations. What conditions are set. And any scenarios where it is used.

Answered by: Sreenu on: Nov 18th, 2011

Please get this information from the Informatica help file( no one can give better than in help)

Let us if you are looking for the answer on any specific requirement

Real time issues while doing project

Asked By: ram_infa | Asked On: Jul 8th, 2011

What are few real time issues or problems while doing Informatica project. As a Informatica etl developer, what will be the daily tasks or work.

Answered by: sreenu on: Nov 18th, 2011

Actually it depends on the projects...

Anyway you will see the below issues in general

1. some specific characters are not loading as in the source
2. Data truncation happened on few fields
3. Frequent changes are coming from the user
4. Performance issues when loading huge data


Asked By: veera | Asked On: Nov 13th, 2010

Suppose on 1st nov 2010 you had created a mapping which includes huge aggregator calculations and it is under process for next two days. You will notice that even on 3rd day also its still calculating. So without changing a logic or changing a mapping how will you troubleshot or to run that mapping?...

Answered by: KOTI on: Oct 31st, 2011

First find out the problem whether it is due to aggregator transformation or not. Run debugging...

Answered by: sivakp on: Mar 13th, 2011

You can use incremental aggrigation.

Kill workflows

Asked By: varun.babu | Asked On: Sep 17th, 2011

How to kill 10 workflows at a a time ?

Answered by: vizaik on: Oct 25th, 2011

Write 10 pmcmd commands with abortworkflow option in one bat/sh file and execute at once

Answered by: wanilkumar on: Oct 6th, 2011

It is not possible to kill multiple workflows at a time. You must Abort/Stop one at a time.

I think starting with the version 8.6 you can run the same workflow multiple times at the same time.

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