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What is the treatment for accrued income l expenses in accounting?

Asked By: lijomon96 | Asked On: Aug 30th, 2011

Answered by: Nagaraj on: Jul 11th, 2013

1. Accrued Income Income recievable A/C Dr To Intrest A/C (Recording Intrest income before received) 2. Once received Cash/Bank A/C Dr To Interest Receivable A/C (When we received Interest) 3. Ac...

Answered by: Mahendra on: Jul 17th, 2012

Accrued Income- Dr. Accrued Interest Receivable Cr. Interest Income at the time of Interest posting: Dr. Customers Account Cr. Accr...

What is the difference between discount and rebate?

Asked By: email2mariner | Asked On: Aug 22nd, 2008

Answered by: Kajal Kumar Mishra on: Jan 11th, 2013

A discount is a reduction in the price that you pay in the store. A rebate is when you pay the full price in the store, but then the manufacturer refunds some of the price to you afterwards.

Banking interest.

Asked By: padhysatya | Asked On: Feb 18th, 2012

In which type of deposit bank doesn't give interest?

Answered by: Khalid on: Mar 4th, 2012

In CURRENT ACCOUNT bank doesn't give any interest, but there are few banks where you can have interest checking account

What is VAT? What type of VAT? In TALLY 7.2 how`s work VAT?

Asked By: harendra kumar | Asked On: Nov 17th, 2005

Answered by: MOHD FAHAD on: Feb 19th, 2012

VAT (Value Added Tax): It is value added Tax. means total value which is added in goods price as a profit , on that value, the tax is paid is called VAT. we can see it with example: goods Purchase...

Answered by: Vishal Ramawat on: Aug 10th, 2011

VAT (Value Added Tax): It is value added Tax. means total value which is added in goods price as a profit , on that value, the tax is paid is called VAT. we can see it with example: goods Purchase...

What is cash book and pass book?

Asked By: Mohammed Asad | Asked On: Jun 27th, 2007

Answered by: mohammed.rahimkhan on: Jul 21st, 2011

Cash book mean who are taken cash from the customer then give articles etc.
Pass book mean we are given to banker who taken from our customers, etc.

Answered by: pavan.rallapalli on: Dec 4th, 2009

Recording of all cash transactions in a Book by Casher is called "Cash Book" and coming to Pass Book, Recording of all bank transactions by a banker in a book, which is given by banker is called "Pass Book".

Deffred revenue expenditure

Asked By: ANURAG AHUJA | Asked On: Nov 19th, 2008

What is the deffred revenue expenditure and its treatment in accounts?

Answered by: ramsrch on: Jun 25th, 2010

Deferred Revenue Expenditure is an expenditure which is spread to different financial years as the expenditure that is incurred is huge in amount.  The expenditure will be claimed on a pro rata b...

Answered by: sivareddy.bommu on: Oct 13th, 2009

An Expenditure is incurred within one financial year, But Getting the benefits over the Number of Years is called the Deferred Revenue Expenditure.Heavy Advertisement Expenditure, Business Promotion Expenditure.

Difference between retail banking and core banking?

Asked By: vijay.405 | Asked On: Nov 4th, 2006

Answered by: atinjune on: Mar 28th, 2010

Retail Banking is banks dealing with the retial customers like Individuals, HUF's, Propprietoship concerns, Partnership concerns, Small Pvt. Ltd companies etc.Where as core banking is all the bra...

Answered by: sanjay namdev gaikwad on: May 26th, 2008

I want to know the answer for the above question.

MIS report

Asked By: santhukalal | Asked On: May 7th, 2008

What is MIS report ? How do you prepare it ?

Answered by: vivek.rajput1 on: Dec 17th, 2009

MIS report is known as Management Information System... regarding the Manpower status of a particular month, place and overall.. It helps the Management in decision making.. like what are the reasons ...

Bill of lading & shipping bill

Asked By: SURJYA_SHINE | Asked On: Nov 12th, 2008

What are bill of lading & shipping bill. What is the difference between them?

Money laundering

Asked By: jevon | Asked On: May 31st, 2007

What do you mean by money laundering?

Answered by: vasudeo007 on: Aug 17th, 2008

The term Money Laundering has American origin as far as I know. Laundry is such a business which is entirely cash driven. There is no question of debots. Few people used to open laundry without actual...

Net income

Asked By: byharris | Asked On: Feb 23rd, 2008

What is the difference between net income and free cash flow

What is TDS & salary TDS?

Asked By: u.tilekar | Asked On: Apr 27th, 2007

Answered by: manjueka on: Aug 29th, 2007

TDS Means Tax Deducted at Source, salary TDS means, whoever will get more than 10000 salary per month, they will come under the slab (Salary TDS) TDS will charged, Nature of Payment and it will be in different SECTION

What is meant by dealers for treasury?

Asked By: Pande S W | Asked On: Aug 10th, 2007

What is meant by deferred revenue expenditure

Asked By: seshukumar | Asked On: May 5th, 2007

Answered by: Dasarathi Koganti on: Jun 28th, 2007

A deferred revenue expenditure is that where the benefit the expenditure can be had for more than ONE accounting period and less than FIVE accounting periods. There are no hard and fast rules that the...

What experience have you had as a cashier?

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Sep 4th, 2005

Answered by: sonu on: Mar 6th, 2006

I did MBA but not having any UK experience. I am interested to do Job of Cashier.Am i need any trainning? How could I able to apply for this job. I did ragisration on all job sites.But its not working for me.

Answered by: naveen on: Dec 23rd, 2005

Basically , almost all times, i must be in full of concentration,secondly, before cash paying and cash receiving we must count and give , at in any situation.Finally, quick listener, and speed and accuracy maintainence is very important.



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