Submitted Questions

  • Add New Parameter Set

    I have a job with 2 parameters sets, I added new parameters sets, is it necessary to compile the job or not?


    • May 26th, 2017

    Yes the jobs needs to be compiled whenever we are making changes to Parameter Set


    • Aug 1st, 2016

    Yes..The DS job needs to be compiled after adding new parameter sets.

  • Perform Funnel

    I have 10 files, in 5 files having same data(3 columns), 5 columns having same data(4 columns). How can I perform funnel and what are stages required from me?


    • Oct 7th, 2016

    Use column generator to add columns to make the column count is same and also the column names should be same in each files. Then you can perform funnel.

  • DATA Set Removed why

    Why we are using orchadmin to remove dataset. why we are not using rm commond in remove dataset..and why you need dataset remove waht is the reason?


    • Dec 19th, 2016

    Dataset is not like a normal file & it is not a single file...based on number og node in config file, those many data files and one descriptor file..are created for each dataset. Hence removing using rm command will corrupt the dataset and will not be removed properly.