Submitted Questions

  • Project Release Note

    Who all will be involved in the preparation of project release note?


    • Jan 12th, 2016

    Project Release notes should have Date of release, Overview of the project, Teams involving(Users, Developers POC name, Testing team POC, BA), Use cases, Bug Details, Fixes, Changes, User approval details.

  • Defect Reporting and Acceptance

    What will you do when you assign a defect to the developer and he will not accept that defect?

    viji kumar.c

    • Mar 9th, 2016

    Developer will write the code in one platform and test engineer will test the application in another platform so in this situation we will get that type of issue. Tester point of view it is a bug but developer point of view it is not a bug. So that is why developer will not accept it.