Submitted Questions

  • How can I verify the latest data from above table?

    I have a table with two columns name namely current,history but I dont have time stamp to make sure that when the data is updated or deleted. Now How can I verify the latest data from above table?


    • Jan 30th, 2018

    Based on the surrogate key we have identified the data Because surrogate keys is unique identifer for each row in a table


    • Oct 29th, 2013

    Select max (ora_scan) from table;

    Select scn_to_timestamp (the_above_output) from dual;

  • To check the target table for data quality?

    My target table has loaded with 10000 records from source table. Now, I want to verify the target table whether it has been loaded with correct data or it has any junk values How do I test the above scenario. As we can conclude that we cant check each and every record because of huge quantity.

    Anu Sharma

    • Apr 25th, 2016

    First check the count of source and target
    Then select first table minus second table and then we come to know if there is no record coming then values are loaded properly and if there are records appearing after executing the minus query then the records are not uploaded in the target table.


    • Jul 8th, 2014

    Write the Source query according the Business Logic ,write the target query for the same,export the two queries i.e is source and target to excel and with the help of open source tool db solo are beyond compare tool you can compare field to field and same the count too.