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  • For a scenario I need load runner to give me a report in a specific format.

    Hi All, Scenario: I have an excel sheet with 1000 SQLs. 1 SQL in each row. I want load runner to pick this SQLs and run it with different users (say 3 users at a time) simultaneously. For example, User1 picks SQL1, User2 picks SQL2 & User3 picks SQL3. Now the user which finishes first will pick the next SQL, say for example User2 finished first, then it will pick SQL4 and so on till all SQLs are exhausted. Report:...


    • Aug 21st, 2018

    You could keep parameter settings as
    Select next row : Unique
    update value : Each Iteration
    When Out of values : Abort Vuser

    and you can print the username , iteration number and sql parameters using lr_output message , which gives details about which user used which data


    • Mar 6th, 2016

    As per knowledge in LR, LR will only support CSV format and .txt format files. 1. If you placed 1000 SQL queries in txt file or else CSV file in one date file with the parameter settings as Unique, E...