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    what is the difference between MVC1 and MVC2 in j2EE?

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    1.MVC1 consists of Web browser accessing Web-tier JSP pages. The JSP pages access Web-tier JavaBeans that represent the application model, and the next view to display is determined by hyperlinks selected in the source document or by request parameters. 2.MVC1 is page-centric design, meaning any JSP page can either present in the JSP or may be called directly from the JSP page. 3.MVC1 Combines both presentation logic with the Business logic. 4.MVC1 we can have multiple controller servlets. 1.MVC2 introduces a controller servlet between the browser and the JSP pages. The controller centralizes the logic for dispatching requests to the next view based on the request URL, input parameters, and application state. 2.MVC2 removes the page-centric property by separating Presentation, Control logic and Application state. 3.MVC2 can have only one controller servlet .