Submitted Questions

  • RCC Pipes

    What is the difference between Hume pipes, spun pipes, NP 2, NP3, NP4, pipes?Test requirements of above pipes.

    Aamir Patni

    • May 25th, 2016

    Basic Difference between NP2, NP3 & NP 4 is due to quality of product. The thickness is not main difference. Generally thickness of pipes: NP4 > NP3 > NP2 NP 2 is used for normal flow and condit...


    • Mar 29th, 2016

    Np3 150mm weight

  • Calculate Road Width

    How can we calculate 4/6 lane road width and maximum percentage of super elevation in National Highways in India.


    • Jan 6th, 2018

    Is it 107 feet from divider or 140 feet


    • Dec 28th, 2016

    In four way lane road in India, how much length distance from center of the road one can construct a new building? (Answer in feet length).