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  • Difference between pentium 3 and pentium 4?


    • Jul 31st, 2006

    in p4 the new technology "Hyper Threading" has been implemented... the number of pins has been increased... Cache memory has been increased...p3  is the old technology..

  • Difference between NTFS and FAT32?

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    Answered by: Aparna Patil

    • Mar 24th, 2006


    1)allows access local to w2k,w2k3,XP,win NT4 with SP4 & later may get access for somefile.

    2)Maximum size of partition is 2 Terabytes & more.

    3)Maximum File size is upto 16TB.

    4)File & folder Encryption is possible only in NTFS.

    FAT 32

    1)Fat 32 Allows access to win 95,98,win millenium,win2k,xp on local partition.

    2)Maximum size of partition is upto 2 TB.

    3)Maximum File size is upto 4 GB.

    4)File & folder Encryption is not possible.


    • Jun 2nd, 2015

    FAT creats file allocated table. 2.dos support. 3.maximum size 32 gb. 4. convert fat to ntfs without data loss. 5.not support encryption, disk quota, compression. NTFS 1.create main file table. ...


    • Dec 10th, 2014

    You cannot create a FAT32 volume larger than 32 GB