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  • unable to view deleted files in recycle bin (winXP)

    I deleted my files, but i didn't see that files in my recycle bin.pls anybody help me...

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    • Member Since Sep-2007 | Jul 25th, 2009

    Every one is suggesting what to do next time. he is asking how to recover the deleted file now.

    First step you need to do is stop working on the hard disk in which you have lost the file. Otherwise, the file will be overwritten by another file.

    Then run any of the file recovery software.

    If you have already used the same hard disk, the chances of recovering the file is less.

    Mohammad Tarique

    • Sep 19th, 2018

    -Windows OS having two types deleting option 1)Temporary 2) Permanently -If file deleted normally means without using shift key so its mirror copy available;e in recycle bin and it can be restore...


    • Nov 28th, 2011

    File deletion will be 2 types. Temporary & Permanent. If the file is deleted without selecting shift button, it will come to recycle bin. Otherwise the file will be deleted permanently. In such cas...