Submitted Questions

  • What does this function do:

    What does this function do:string f(const string &x) { return x.empty()? x : f(x.substr(1)) + x[0];}What does this piece of code perform:char *a=...., *b=....;while(*b++ = *a++);

  • What is a deadlock?

    There is a table with Pluks('plk') and Zinks ('zin'). Each Pluk onlyresides on a single Zink and each Zink may contain multiple Pluks. Howdo you find how many Pluks are on each and every Zink? Please provide SQL.What is a deadlock?

  • Can HashMap store null values?If yes, how many?

    Can HashMap store null values?If yes, how many?What is singleton class? Give one example.Please describe the difference between 'int' and 'Integer',what is the purpose of 'Integer', where should we use 'Integer' vs 'int'?

  • Shell script

    You have current directory containing set of directories which contain files.One file can reside in many directories.Write script which returns number of unique file names inall the subdirectories of a current dir.

    Sanjeeva Kaki

    • Jan 19th, 2018

    Find . -type f |awk -F/ {print $NF} | uniq -c

    pranav Rakesh

    • Sep 26th, 2017

    Ls -lR|sort -u