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  • how does the cookies work in

    i want to know the complete follow of the page how it store cookies and user info into session and when it get terminate also is it possible to call in-process application to out-process?

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    Prabhat Chauhan  

    • Member Since Jul-2008 | Jul 23rd, 2008

    we know Http is an state-less protocol which is required for interaction between clinet and server .

    so there is an need to remeber state of request raised by an web browser so that
    web server can recognize you have already previously visited or not.

    There are two types of state management techniques:
    a) Client side state management
    b) Server - side statemanagement

    Using cookies comes under clinet side statemanagement .In HttpResponse we write
    Cookie containing sessionId and other information within it.

    when a browser made a request to the web server the same cookie is sent to the server where server recognize the session id and get other information stored to it previously.

    1)Cookie should contain non sensitive data as one can easily read cookies and they result of which your security may be tampered .
    2) Cookie should not contain large amount of information as they are sent back and forth with request and response in between client and server which may cause your
    Performance degradation

    nanda kuma

    • Jul 17th, 2008

    .NET FRAMEWORK AS 2 COMPONENTS1. CLR(common language runtime)2. base class library- it manages the execution of pgms on cpu- provides an run time environment  for all the .net applications- also it provides memory management, garbage collection, security