Answered Questions

  • what is project architecture?


    • Sep 19th, 2016

    Can anyone send some Java Project Architectures.

    Rais pal Singh

    • May 2nd, 2016

    Can anyone send me project architecture diagram. and plz differentiate project architecture and project approach briefly. Does project architecture follows project approach.

  • Java single inhertiance and multiple inheritance

    1.what is meant by inheritance,single inhertiance,multiple inheritance?2.define abstract class & abstract method? to developed and delopying a SERVELT,JSP program in the TOMCAT APACHE SERVER,WEBLOGIC SERVER?PLZ send the answer for the particular abo


    • Nov 20th, 2012

    Single Inheritance in Java means that a sub class have the capability of inheriting the properties of only one class whereas multiple inheritance is not supported by Java as it increases the complexit...