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  • What is Session and Batches?

    Session - A Session Is A set of instructions that tells the Informatica Server How And When To Move Data From Sources To Targets. After creating the session, we can use either the server manager or the command line program pmcmd to start or stop the session.Batches - It Provides A Way to Group Sessions For Either Serial Or Parallel Execution By The Informatica Server. There Are Two Types Of Batches...

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    Session:  A session is a set of commands that describes the server to move data to the target.

    Batch :  A Batch is set of tasks that may include one or more numbar of tasks (sessions, ewent wait, email, command, etc..,)

    There are two types of batches in Informatica:

    1. Sequential: When Data moves one after another from source to target it is sequential

    2. Concurrent: When whole data moves simultaneously from source to target it is Concurrent


    • Jul 15th, 2011

    Session is an object of repository,which instructs the informatica server(integration service)to execute the mapping with given database connection's...