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  • Which one is more efficient? A four stroke engine or a two stroke and why?

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    Answered by: padmaja

    • Oct 5th, 2006

    although four stroke engine is more frequently used 2STROKE engine is more effiecient because for every 2 strokes there is a power stroke.for same power generation 2STROKE ENGINE is compact


    • Dec 19th, 2011

    2 stock engine is more efficient than 4 strock, because Power generation for 2 strock required one strock of compression and one strock of discahrge, while for the same power a 4 strock engine require...

    Pradeep sharma

    • Nov 25th, 2011

    4 stroke is more efficient due 2 its better milage, less wear & tear of parts, contain valves prevent frm leakage, deliver one power stroke in 4 cyle.

    But in case of power, 2 stroke is better. it delivered 1 .8 times more power than 4 stroke.

    Bt overall view favoured to 4 stroke engine.